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11-17-2012, 09:34 PM
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Originally Posted by wKetch22 View Post

Im starting to dislike this game more and more. I just wanna record every boneheaded move from a defenseman, every stupid ******** goal, every time the computers just wreck me without having any momentum, and just send it to EA

And the funny thing is EA said they fixed the AI but its honestly so much worse. I kind of miss 12 right now.

Idk I hate people that just complain about this game, but I really love to hate this game, love to hate this game.

I want a hockey game that feels like real hockey... I want it to be easier to score from cycling the puck, more and BETTER rebound goals, make it harder to just weave out of the way of hits, more 5-hole goals, etc.

Also one thing they said in this game is that you will feel a huge difference between players, but I dont. Like when I have Nick Backstrom, or Claude Giroux, or Henrik Sedin, or any other sick play maker, I want to feel like I can pass better... I feel like play makers are useless because it is SO DAMN HARD to get passe through traffic. And even if you do, even if you have Alex Ovechkin or Selanne or someone great at finishing plays, he will just flub the puck and whiff.

But I agree with CowenFan, its kind of funny, I try so hard to get these elite players on HUT, and yet guys like Peverley and Kulikov and Steen score more often than my actual really expensive players. Its just kind of silly (maybe its cause im not that good at this game haha)

I really hope a new developer starts making NHL games.
I agree with all of this. With the whole "feeling a difference between players" thing, I also agree. I mean, you CAN feel a difference in some players, but it's like it has to almost be a complete extreme to do so, like sometimes my SOTW Zetterberg is literally IMPOSSIBLE to knock off the puck, he could be dead tired on red and still be just running **** in the corners and cycling and intercepting passes and everything, but there are other players who are really good, who you sometimes can't tell the difference between them and some average to below average guy, other than when you spam the speed burst, the faster guy gets around the defenseman easier.

They could make players feel different, and do it organically, simply by making a better AI and having players be where they're supposed to be, and not by having 90% of the goals scored be off of some wacky idiotic bounce or something. When there are so many wild cards and just ridiculously wacky stuff going on, of course everyone's going to feel similar and stats aren't going to reflect attributes.

I don't think any of these gripes are unwarranted, I face palm just as much when I win, as I do when I lose. I HATE scoring off of a weak backhand from the blue line, unscreened, five hole. I literally go "Jesus christ that's horrible". Just once, I'd love for someone to hand me my ass LEGIT, and not because the AI has no idea where to be, or off of some stupid weak ass goal. I can't control every single player on the ice, it's like I'm playing with guys who have literally never watched a game of hockey in their lives, nevermind are the best in the world, and that's just not right.

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