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11-17-2012, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
No. I'm not.
When I got behind the wheel, I was mr. back road, go slow, turn the radio off and focus,
I wasn't reckless behind the wheel.
I was reckless in the bars and at bonfires and parties. But not behind the wheel.
Bob, it's scary how similar you were during your youth to my youth. I believe you said you were in your 40's in a previous post. If I am thinking of someone else I apologize. Now I am only 24 so my youth hasn't gone anywhere but I thought exactly like you did from roughly 21 to 23. After I finished college I realized how lucky I was that I didn't get caught and I didn't kill anyone. My friends called me the designated drunk driver. It's not a nickname I liked, but a well deserved one. Anyway one of my friends got pulled over for a DUI which was the first sign that made me realize how I was pushing my luck and it was just an unnecessary risk. Obviously you lived in a time where drunk driving wasn't nearly as taboo as it is today so I have zero problems with your mindset towards drunk driving and don't judge you in any negative way. Heck what's my excuse considering the country has been cracking down on it since I was born.

Probably the biggest reason I never got caught is because Detroit police officers are lazy as ****. We always went downtown so I would just take Jefferson all the way to grosse pointe and my house was literally two blocks from Jefferson once I left Detroit.

The second reason that convinced me to stop driving drunk was this video. I actually think its pretty hilarious, but it got its point across. I never did any if those things in the video so maybe it's why I never got pulled over.

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