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Originally Posted by Buck Aki Berg View Post
It's pretty obvious that he meant that goaltenders' equipment isn't designed to provide protection for hits. There is zero padding on the back of the head, and next to none on the backs of the legs.
If goalies were fair game to be hit, then they would be frequently injured due to those hits.

Also, a goaltender being hit is at a significant disadvantage after being hit than a regular skater, because of the extra 40 pounds of equpiment he's wearing. He can't just bounce back up the same way a forward does.

It's not as simple as "If goalies don't wanna get hit, then they should stay in the crease."
I really don't care what was meant: Goalies are in fact protected from being hit. To state otherwise is a fallacy.

How is it not that simple? You are being given an area on the ice where you are untouchable. Guess what happens to a goalie in soccer if he leaves his crease: He becomes fair game to be tackled like the other 20 guys on the pitch.

I like that Tim Thomas was able to lay a guy out, too: I'm sure that extra 40 pounds of equipment had no impact on the player.

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