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11-17-2012, 10:48 PM
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I never worried about doing something stupid. I always thought I would get hit by another person who was also drunk. I would generally drink mostly early in the night and slow down or stop by midnight. Go the casino with my idiotic friends, watch them waste their money and drive us to my house to end the night. I feel that I was a smart drunk (I know.......oxymoron) I never felt drunk but I knew I would fail a sobriety test that involved a breathalyzer.

Anyway today the stigma of a DUI is just so insane that it ruins any hope of having a good career. Me applying to law school also made it even more ridiculous.

Seriously though the Detroit police was probably a big contributor to me never getting caught. They just don't give a **** and are way too undermanned. I did it for two years straight. At least every Friday night and occasionally on Saturdays. I rarely drank twice in one week. Cost too much and felt like giving my liver the night off. I seriously should have gotten caught just from bad luck. I never did anything that warranted being pulled over, but some cops just want to ********.

Riley should be good if he makes the NHL. He will always be able to afford a cab.

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