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11-17-2012, 11:00 PM
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wow, so apparently if your firefox crashes and you're in the middle of a post it actually recovers it for you!

Originally Posted by tony d View Post
Via pm Seventieslord and dreakmur select Defenseman Tom Poti.
Thank you.

Just a few notes on Poti:

We knew pretty early on, that we wanted to get an offensive specialist to play on our first PP unit and the third pairing, so we wanted to be sure to take the best possible "everything but offense" guy early on (Snepsts) so that it didn't matter who we took to be a specialist next to them. As small, soft, or poor defensively as they were, Snepsts would offset their liabilities.

Then we targeted a few guys to be that specialist. My favourite choice was Vladimir Malakhov (47 adjusted points per season and a 22-minute player), and I think our third was Berard (53 adjusted points per season; simply even higher risk and potential reward). My supposed second choice (48 adj.ESPPS) is not yet taken. Dreakmur talked me out of it, and I'm fine with that.

I tell ya, Poti might have one of two best TOI profiles of all available post-expansion defensemen: He's averaged 22.72 minutes per game over 808 games, for teams that have been 12% better than average. The latter is the most impressive part. Defensemen who have been important, and for a long time, and for good teams, are kinda hard to find now. Usually this far down you're picking a guy for one of those reasons - two, if you're lucky.

As far as offense, Poti has averaged 41 adjusted points per season, so as you can see, he's not as great a producer as the guys we originally tossed around, but he's been more successful overall. He managed to fill the "specialist" role for us while also being much less of a liability for Snepsts to cover for and protect.

From the 2010 A draft:


I don't even really like Tom Poti, but he has developed into a very solid, reliable and useful two-way defenseman since the lockout, right under our noses.

Poti has averaged 22.76 minutes per game in his career, a very solid average for 804 games. His team icetime rankings throughout his career: 4-3-3-2-2-2-2-1-2-2-2. And impressively, those last two seasons where he was a #2 defenseman, he did it for a 100+ point team. How many undrafted defensemen have made such a contribution to regular season success? Just four. Poti, and three others.

The book on Poti was that he was going to be mostly an offensive specialist, and for a while, that appeared to be coming true. But since 2003 he has been a major part of his teams' penalty kill units, and you don't eat up ES minutes like this if you're a liability. In '04, '07, '08, '09, and '10, he was either his team's top PK minute muncher, or second.

As it stands now, Poti has been on the ice for 47% of his team's PPGF, and 42% of their PPGA - this qualifies him as a special teams beast.

Just look at how he's developed in 7 years:

Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 2004
a good - but not great - "offenseman". Has major and plentiful defensive lapses.. a fine puckhandler and passer. He has good vision and can spring teammates with headman passes... carries the puck with speed and disguises his intentions. He is an excellent skater... teammates take advantage of his shot for tip-ins... needs to work on his defense... He is intelligent and will keep improving... has decent size but doesn't use it well... still adding some muscle... prefers to use his stick instead of his body to do the defensive work... effortless skating style helps him handle a lot of minutes... a smart, likeable guy and a good team man, but defensive deficiencies are maddening.
Originally Posted by McKeen's Hockey pool Guide 2010-11
did plenty of defensive heavy lifting last season including a large PK role which curtailed his point totals... stepped up in the playoffs with 4 points and a +9 before injury... continuted evolution from renegade puckmover to conservative stay at home type... adept at eluding the initial forechecker and making a safe, simple play... exploits patient positioning and huge reach defending, but rarely uses his imposing frame as a physical deterrent... a player who always seems to have more to give...
Originally Posted by Hockey Prospectus 2010-11
The smooth skating defenseman is never going to be an overly physical player, but he is not as averse to contact as some think. His drawbacks have been accepted by Bruce Boudreau and Poti has turned into a very useful defenseman who can transition up the ice well and be trusted in all situations, especially on the penalty kill. A defenseman who can lead is team in PK minutes and post respectable even strength offensive totals is not exactly easy to find.
Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
I'll take D, Dana Murzyn

Big stay-at-home defender will be my #6
Good player. I have a new found respect for him recently. If we had missed out on Snepsts, one thing I would have recommended was to wait 5-6 rounds and try to get Murzyn.

Originally Posted by BudsBuster View Post
They may not have been the most winningest scrappers around but they never were afraid of one, and stuck up for them selves and team mates,

I love that pic of Matty too. lol
Yeah, I mean no one ever puts those guys out on the ice to win fights, just to show up for them... and they did that.

Originally Posted by Hedberg View Post
Fort Saskatchewan selects noted cashier robber RW Ran McDonald
Planning a heist?

I think this was one of the top-2 best pre-merger wingers left.

Originally Posted by Velociraptor View Post
Alex Kaleta, LW

Pretty sure he has the best offensive record among pre-expansion wingers available.

And actually, it doesn't look like it's by a small margin, either.

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