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11-18-2012, 12:17 AM
Yay band.
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Just got back from the game. I'm so conflicted on how I feel. A hard-fought team effort that came up short. Too many what ifs early that could've made it a completely different game, from Bruce's dropped pick to missed PATs.

I had a bad feeling when Bailey scored with what, 4 minutes left? Way too fast of a score that gave OU a lot of time. The used timeouts is baffling too. Geno was looking way better, as was Bailey. Austin is gonna be a star on Sundays, easy. He made half the offense.

And the band got booed by our own fans when we played Oklahoma! and made their state on the field. Being booed by your own fans sucks. At this point, I just don't really know what to think. This team is gonna go down in Mountaineer history as having had the most talent potential underachieve. Just... I don't know.

Also I'm mad Alabama's gonna go back into the National championship picture. I can't believe both Kansas St. and Oregon, my ideal Nat'l championsihip matchup, lost. And ****ing Notre Dame's gonna be in the title match too. Lame day.

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