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11-17-2012, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Nailor Hopberle View Post
I think there's already been substantial damage to the game. Last lockout, I think most fans were more understanding of the reasons. This lockout seems to be a lockout doesn't seem to have the same rationale.
For sure. Last lockout was a good thing for many fan bases because it meant we could actually compete with teams that had huge amounts of money to spend on players. As an Oilers fan I was excited at the prospect of a salary cap and changes to the game that took out all the slash and grabbing that we used to have to put up with.

This time around it seems like it's more about saving teams in crappy markets. Does the average Canadian hockey fan care about the state of sunbelt teams? Most of them probably don't, they would be happy to see those teams cut from the league. I also think with the way the economy is these days, there's no pity for these millionaires fighting over what they perceive is their fair share.

I just want to see the best hockey out there myself. I'm not going to boycott the NHL, I will happily watch the NHL whenever it returns. For now, I'm content with watching AHL games. Although I really do feel like it's on the players right now, just take the damn deal. It's the best deal out there and they'll all still be making millions. I feel like they're too entitled, like they feel the NHL owes them too much. Just do your job.

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