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11-17-2012, 11:18 PM
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It's not about sheltered lives or mistakes. Mistakes are made. I can't deny I made mistakes and that my judgment wasn't the best at age 17-23. But then what, am I going to excuse some 18 year old gangbanger killing a convenience store clerk in a botched robbery? Am I going to excuse some college kid ****** a girl?

There's poor judgment that mostly affects yourself, which is still bad because it will indirectly affect others but something tha nobody is above, and then there's poor judgment that destroys other people's lives. Yes, Sheehan didn't do it this time but he didn't know that when he did it, he may well have. He and someone else (who doesn't even know it) simply got lucky.

I was 20 myself and it was not so long ago that I don't remember anymore what it was like. It's not like your poor judgment at that age just comes naturally, you aren't a 9 year old. At 20 you are fully aware of the risks of drunk driving, you are fully aware what can go wrong even in a petty crime. When you make a bad decision at 20 you do it in spite of knowing better, you do it because you are in pursuit of things you want and you are arrogant enough to carelessly dismiss legitimate concerns. And the thing is that where you just dismiss the concern for other people's lives *like that* because it stands in the way of a fun night out, because *you* are the really important thing here, that's where you stop being just a kid making a mistake and start being a ******** and idiot.

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