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11-17-2012, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by danishh View Post
so... Wednesday i said we need another bat and another pitcher. Now it's just a pitcher.

many have mentioned marcum, we'll see if there's actually any truth to that rumor, but that would slide him into the 4 or 5 slot and push happ to swingman.

some have mentioned mccarthy, but there is risk - he's coming off a mega-concussion, and i have to believe there will be some sort of sentimental pull from oakland to just retain him.

I'd suggest ryan dempster. Yes he's old and a national-league pitcher his entire career, but he's reliable for the 4/5 spot, wont want too much money or term, and as a bonus, is a canuck. He's exactly the type of free agent this blue-jays resurgence should be able to attract.

Another option is Roy Oswalt, who again is old, will come cheap, and not want much term. He would compete with Happ for the 5 spot and they could actually switch in and out of the rotation depending on who is playing well at a given time.
He is better than a 4/5 pitcher and will get paid like it. Not going to come cheap at all. I think he'll get somewhere between 10-12M over 2-3 years.

Pass on Oswalt. I don't think he will want to come here and after seeing how terrible he was with the Rangers, I'm not sure if he is a viable candidate. His K/BB numbers were good but he got hit really hard and gave up a lot of HR. I'm not sure how many innings or what you will get out of him.

Originally Posted by Swervin81 View Post
Anyone else think Melky should mostly DH at this point? His defense is deplorable. Just stick Gose in LF/RF (interchangeable with Bautista).
No. Cabrera is terrible as CF which is what he had been playing until he got to San Francisco. He is perfectly fine as a LF and likely an upgrade over Davis/Thames and basically everyone we have thrown out in LF with the exception of Snider.

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