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11-17-2012, 11:30 PM
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The Jays are going to hire a manager that Reyes will like.

Buehrle and Johnson could be flipped so easily that if either is adamant about not coming here and the Jays still look a ton better than last year.

This trade in terms of tangible value for the next couple years is insanely lopsided for the Jays.

Theres some rumors the Jays are after Marcum as well.

As it stands today.

Johnson - Buehler - Romero - Morrow - Happ is a very good rotation. They have Cecil and Drabek fighting for a spot and both are capable of being a #4/5.

Toss in whatever the Jays get for the enevitable trade of Arencebia/Raja Davis + others and the team is looking alot better.

On Melky, even if he is just like he was pre-giants is still a pretty big improvement. If hes better than he was in KC its huge, if he magically is still a great player its a huge bonus.

Reyes is better than anything the Jays have had at SS in years. They have some crazy speed on the bases.

There is alot to be excited about as a Jays fan.

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