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11-17-2012, 11:31 PM
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Originally Posted by JaredCowenFan View Post
I love that you totally get my Chel life. I used to spaz out so damn hard and still do sometimes and I broke so many controllers and other things spazzing out on sh***y wins/goals. But i've tried to be calm and now that I know it happens to everyone(I should've known this) I am not as mad(or as mad as I used to be). I didn't/don't understand why I spaz so much when I lose on a HUT game compared to a EASHL Club/Team game. I rarely spaz on the game other than HUT. Maybe becuase it's the only 5 player team I'm playing with. I'm sure it's normal to be pi**ed at the 5 V controlling game.

I really hope NHL14 is ALOT better.
Yeah I used to get mad, now I'm just like "Well, I was expecting that, I knew what was going to happen going into it, so..." It's a legitimate shock when I have a good, competitive game vs someone, with lots of realistic plays and stuff.

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