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Originally Posted by SealsFan View Post
You're not being silly at all. This is a big pet peeve of mine. I can't stand the 15-second blasts of pop/rock that have to fill up every break in the action.
... here here. Cant stand it either. Residuals must be great for Coldplay though. Practically every arena in the league opens with one of their ripoff numbers. Then theres the "Meat Draws" from Safeway or Piggly Wiggly. "Oh Man, one number off and I coulda had that 40lb Picnic Ham". Gimme a frikin break. Lose the "Game Presentation" nonsense already. "Amway Presents; Your Detroit Red Wings". Does that mean the nice couple seated beside me arent really "all that nice" but plants trying to buttonhole my personage with promises of ever lasting wealth, contentment & cleaning products?

... and dangit ot92s, I went back & edited that post as clearly it was full of Flames, not to mention that reference to the oldest profession and making a living on your knee's. Yet you just went right on ahead & quoted the whole thing word for bloody word huh? Well way to go Maing. That oughtta be good for about a 10pointer.... Oh well. Hey ho. Carry on.

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