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11-18-2012, 01:19 AM
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I started playing about a year and 1/2 ago at the age of 37. I played a little as a kid, but stick technology has change just a little in 25+ years! I spent a lot on equipment, so when it came time to get a stick, I went cheap with a Bauer Vapor X15. I knew nothing about flex, so I didn't even look at that. I ended up with a Kane curve because I think that's all the store had. After a few months I thought I had lost my stick, so I upgraded to the same model, but an X20 Grip.

Now, I feel like I'm getting better and I'm ready to jump up to a "real" stick. I'm mainly taking wrist and snap shots at this point. DOn't have the confidence in my slapper to take on in a game. I trying not spend more than $150. I've been looking at these..

Easton Synergy EQ50- guy on my team has one and he loves it. I tried it for a few minutes in practice and I liked the feel. I've seen some pretty good deals on it and can definitely get it for under $100.

Bauer Supreme Total One- probably more stick than I need, but a few people have recommend it. I've seen these for around $150 at different places.

Base Savoy- There's a dealer in the rink I play in and I had my son fitted for one last week. I was thinking about doing it myself.

Sherwood N8- I know this is on the lower end, but I guy on my team swears by them. Tried it for a few minutes and it felt OK. Weight wasn't too bad for $100 stick.

I'm open to any recommendations as well. I'm 5'10", 160 and don't have a lot of power in my shot yet. I'm looking at a 77 Flex at this point.

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