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11-18-2012, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyThoughts View Post
Enlighten me, what makes the style of game that Giroux plays so different than the one that Kadri plays? Other than the fact that Giroux clearly plays the game at a much higher and refined level.
Honestly, Giroux's style most resembles that of Kessel's. Primarily a sniper with very quick release, who relies on speed, and isn't particularly good along the boards (that's more Jagr's and Hartnell's area). They're both great playmakers, but where Giroux likes to do the quick passes (whether he shoots or passes, the puck is usually off his stick in a flash), Kessel tends to hang onto the puck more to draw defenders to him, and create openings for his linemates.

Naz is more like Kessel in that respect. He likes to control the puck, and the play. When you do that, it helps if you don't get knocked off the puck when someone breaths at you. Unlike Kessel and Giroux, Kadri is mostly a playmaker, and not as much a sniper. Unlike Giroux, and Kessel, Kadri's actually decent along the boards, and crashing and banging is a big part of his game.

Bottom line is, it doesn't matter if Kadri weights 170lbs or 190 lbs, both Giroux and Kessel leave him in the dust in terms of acceleration, and top speed. He may as well be a bit harder to knock off the puck, and get a bit of a boost to his boardwork effectiveness by putting on some muscle.

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