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11-18-2012, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by AdmiralsFan24 View Post
I never said it wasn't. I just think it's bad timing to tout the SEC, specifically the East, which you did when two teams from the East have struggled with opponents from the Sun Belt conference and two FCS schools. Yes I know the final score of the South Carolina game was 24-7 but it was tied with 12 minutes left in the game.
I watched the game.. south carolina played like crap. wofford is a respectable FCS opponent coming with an 8-2 record before today. games like that happen. obviously south carolina overlooked them. doesn't dispute the solidity of the SEC east or their resume.

now florida's performance against ULL was pathetic. but again, they won thats all that matters. ULL is respectable in the sun belt but that game shouldn't have been close. we will see more next week when the gators play florida state (ACC champs likely).. then we can resume discussion over florida.

all in all, I just dont see how someone can bash the SEC at all..east or west. sure, you can bash them here and there.. but the whole country is ready for the SEC to fall. the SEC faces more scrutiny than any conference in the nation...

talk about scrutiny... what about the lack of it for notre dame.. they have 2 quality wins. oklahoma (who was a hair away from 3 losses tonight) and stanford but the refs screwed the pooch. not to mention, the irish have no conference championship game to bolster their resume. i think oregon should be in before the irish. dont forget if pittsburgh makes that 30 yard field goal, they lose that game too.

notre dame beat michigan by 7.. alabama beat them by 27. notre dame beat purdue, BYU, pittsburgh by 3 PTS ... you were talking about lackluster performances against lesser opponent... what about those? lol

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