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11-18-2012, 12:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Sir Psycho T View Post
My last part of the comment wasn't directed at you but in general where some people have said they think the players are right in what they want.

As for the the last CBA it was agreed to at that time and the times have changed the other major point in that CBA that won't happen in this CBA is that the player % rose as the years passed. That last CBA started at 54% and rose to 57%. This CBA won't have the players salaries rise so it won't be the same issue. Also as you point out the NYR, MON, TOR will drive up the HRR but the FLA, PHO, CLB, will drive down the HRR. If you find the right % of revenue sharing and the right % of player salary you can find a balance no matter the HRR that won't put teams in so much jeopardy.

Also the reason for a cap wasn't just to limit players salaries it was also to try to get the league more competitive. Smaller market teams couldn't hope to compete with larger market teams in terms of FA and general success. Look at baseball sure you get the odd A's and Rays winning but more often then not the haves win, the Yankees, Lakers, Red Wings, will dominate the league because they can continue to sign the best players with nothing to stop them. So if I am a smaller market team and want to draw more fans I need to win more games, but how can I win more games if I can't get any talented players to play for me. A cap limits what the big teams can spend and can keep the league more competitive for everyone and it won't be a league of 5 teams and the rest.
re previous CBA - the structure needs to be changed, but even if it didn't work well for the NHL the players' share was what it was under the CBA - that's why i get annoyed at people claiming the players were "greedy" by getting their CBA share.

i agree with you that there shouldn't be an HRR% float - it's better for everyone if the % is fixed.

you're overly optimistic if you think that the "loser teams" will drive down HRR as the "high rollers" drive it up - one of the main NHL objectives is to stop the bleed on the lower end. you're still going to be stuck with TO, MTL, NYR driving the revenue sky high. Toronto's bad b/c there's nothing Leafs Nation won't pay to watch the team...and i think ppl are underestimating the effect the reno on MSG will have at driving up NYR rev.

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