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Originally Posted by 4evaBlue View Post
Frattin replacing CMac's productiveness? Mr. Hands of Stone, 1 goal in 20 games? Mr. 3rd-4th line production with 1st-2nd line icetime? Riight.

- I think if Frattin is given Mac's role full time I don't see why he couldn't put up 20-25g/40-45pts in a season which comes close to or rivals Mac's numbers, Frattin has the shot and net drive to produce those types of numbers.

Connolly, while his offense seems to be declining, is still a decent defensive player, and was used as such last season. If you think Kadri would be able to take on a #3C "shutdown" role, I don't think you've watched Kadri much at all.

- I never said I thought Kadri was any sort of defensive wizard, but again given a full time chance he has the skills to put up over 50 pts a season again making Connolly expendable.

Next, you're going to tell us Colborne will be able to duplicate what Bozak brings to the table, right? Sure, put him out there with Kessel, no worries. I'm sure it could only help his development tossing him in the deep end.

- I think even putting Gordie Howe at his ripe old eldery age could fair better then Bozak, sorry but when you have an elite sniper on one arm and a solid supporting player on another you better be able to put up way more then 47 points. No I don't think Colbornes the answer, but eh even he COULD put up Bozak-esque numbers playing with Lupul/Kessel.

And who's replacing Lupul's production, and his chemistry with Kessel?

- Re-read what I said, I said I want to KEEP (key word keep) Lupul, Lupul is a great fit with Kessel in many ways.

McClement replacing Steckel, I'm fine with. If we can get similar FO reliability out of McClement, with more offensive production, I'm not losing any sleep over Steckel walking.

- Finally we agree on something~

Same with Lombardi, although, losing him for nothing when we could actually get something for him seems like a waste. As the poster said, we have 6 or so contracts expiring, and are at a risk of getting nothing in return for those assets. Even if we get a 3rd rounder on average for each player, that's still 6 3rd rounders more than what we have atm.
- Lombardi leaving wouldn't net us a 3rd, a late 4th? maybe, but I'm thinking more of a 5th o4r 6th rounder.

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