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Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
Three key reasons why FA's wont come here

1) Too intense of a hockey market, its like living in hollywood for these players, their every move gets scrutinized 24/7.

2) Burke doesn't like to dish out more then 5 year long contracts, players these days want 7-12 years. I don't agree with these types of contracts BUT if that's whats blocking players from signing here then Burke really needs to get over his fat ego.

3) MLSE for a very long time has not shown a serious commitment to winning, sorry but its the truth. Players want to know the team they're playing for WILL be a winning one, no player wants to come sign on and waste years of their lives playing for a bottom feeding team.

Issue #1 will never change, so its time to just except it. Issue #2 will only change once Burke is canned and/or the new CBA re-aligns its player contracts. Issue #3 is slowly being fixed but we're still several years away from being a good team.
Thats funny, we used to be able to sign free agents, Cujo, Gary Roberts, Mogilny etc etc. Maybe the phase the team is in and individual needs of the recent top free agents has more to do with it ?

No commitment to winning ? So we spend more money on our scouting, medical team, farm team and front office because we want to lose ?

The contract term issue appears to be on the radar of the the league in this round of negotiations.

Pretty flimsy stuff dude.

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