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11-18-2012, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Not at all. First of all remember what type of hockey I prefer, what type of hockey I advocate, and which type of teams I figure have a chance.

Note me pciking the LA Kings to win the Cup in the first round last year. Actually after the first game or two in the Nucks series.

I liked well coached sides that are playing, and believe in their system. Conversely clubs like the Blue Jackets are busy doing nothing year after year. You know well that I chronically discount results against teams that are like that. Regardless of league.

I put stock in what a club accomplishes against GOOD clubs. In this respect I'm no different than Glen Sather who would admonish a club that put too much stock into wins against the Leafs, Blues, Nucks, or Northstars and tell his boys that they haven't done a thing until they learn to beat the Flyers, Islanders, Bruins. Teams that actually played a system.
Then why watch games against mediocre clubs at all? If there's no enjoyment from beating teams that maybe you should, then why watch?

Originally Posted by ales83fan View Post
Sorry, I wasn't implying anyone was doing that.

I personally rate their performance on the season as ok. They have had some ok nights, some really good nights, and some outright terrible nights.

This, to me, was an ok night.

I think they weren't taking the AHL seriously to start, which is why they had the blowouts earlier in the month. I also think that being shut out as a team at the AHL level is fairly pathetic, considering the fire power we have on paper.

While they scored some goals, I think their cycle game was lacking today. I also think that they could impose their will more 5 on 5, considering their skill level.
Hall's playmaking is horrible right now, IMO they had some good cycles down low albeit few and far between. I also don't hear squat about their own zone play when Nuge was very good in that regard in the 2nd and 3rd periods. All that I hear are negatives.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
OK. Hall's presence has revitilized this club. Hall is one player who no matter what, will put down his brand and stamp on a game EVERY game. The one personality on this club(and now Schultz) who will play every game and show his signature self that got him to the show in EVERY game.

Eberle isn't close to that guy(maybe unfair for me to compare) and RNH is still learning about consistency but is still invisible and ineffective on many nights.

You know I like these players as well. Doesn't stop me from having expectations that they get better because they sure as hell need to get a whole lot better in allround game.
RNH is a cerebral player not a flash and dash player, while it's easy to crap on him for not looking as flashy as Hall, the fact of the matter is that he was out there playing hard in all 3 zones and playing a physical brand of hockey, and oh yeah all the while putting up a measly 3 points.

As for Eberle, all he does is rack up the points by making smart plays in the O zone, not sure why the 2nd leading scorer in the league deserves to get crapped on at the moment. You prop Hall up when IMO he was by far the worst player on his line in the 2nd and 3rd, it just doesn't jive IMO.

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