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11-18-2012, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Huge for Nuge View Post
Okay, I have to stop you at the bolded.

The only difference on how much the players get collectively paid is based on the salary cap. It's been shown that teams will either spend to their internal cap or spend to the salary cap. That is the only thing that decides how much players get paid. When you say, "it's more difficult for them to make money" that is bull **** because the money is still being doled out. How it's spread out is irrelevant. In fact, shorter length contracts incentivizes players to produce through their whole length of contract. That part is designed so you aren't paying someone later for their work today. It's just getting rid of cap circumvention. And if you argue, "well managers could just not give those contracts out" well the one manager who does destroys parity. If they collude to not give those contracts out, then it's against the law. I dont even see why that part is an issue with these negotiations honestly.

But yeah, they lose 7% in this situation without significant returns.

I guess young guys get screwed then. Those changes are clearly somewhat significant since the NHL wants them in.

The bigger point is that they are giving up without getting back, which we agree on

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