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Originally Posted by BlueBaron View Post
Thats funny, we used to be able to sign free agents, Cujo, Gary Roberts, Mogilny etc etc. Maybe the phase the team is in and individual needs of the recent top free agents has more to do with it ?

No commitment to winning ? So we spend more money on our scouting, medical team, farm team and front office because we want to lose ?

The contract term issue appears to be on the radar of the the league in this round of negotiations.

Pretty flimsy stuff dude.
Your right about Cujo he was an elite signing, I forgot about him there for a minute. Mogilny wasn't an "elite" or big name signing, yea he was a "good" player but he was well past his prime when he arrived here so no I'm not including him.

Well the result says it all, we're the ONLY NHL team to not make the playoffs since the last lockout, so yes it boils down to a lack of committment on winning. I also said it IS slowly improving though, our farm team is restocking and we've gone from one of the oldest to youngest teams in the NHL but still that doesn't mean the will to win is 100% there yet and there is a lot of ground to make up.

Yup I know it is, who knows how it will turn out though. I'm NOT a big fan of these retirment 10-15 year monster contracts but it is what it is and IF these contracts are legal in the new CBA then Burke needs to suck it up and get over it.

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