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11-18-2012, 03:15 AM
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Hawkaholic and SPT

you two are the guys that tend to one side more than most others... WHY? Both sides suck. Both sides are to blame. Both sides aren't willing and look at the other side.
NFL owners shared 60% of 9 billion revenue last year. NHL less than 10% of 3.3 billion last year.

Players are stupid, same for the owners. I just want hockey back. I just want to see the game. It just sucks that the guys that in the end are the reason they make money hace nothing to say in these negotiations. Fans are the reason they generate money. Fans buy tickets, Fans buy merchandise stuff, Fans watch it on TV, Fans watch the commercials during the games

No Fans = No Money
No Hockey = No Fans
No Hockey = No Money for them

I'm so sick of seeing Daly, Fehr, Bettman and all those guys. They all take away my favorite hobby. Life goes on, I know this. It's still just sports and a hobby, but life would be more fun with it.

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