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11-18-2012, 04:48 AM
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Originally Posted by HuskerTornado View Post
In addition to the fans, it's the god-awful way NBC shows their games. During that Pitt game, right after Pitt missed the FG in OT, one of the announcers starts to gush and giggle that Notre Dame is the team of if something that disturbingly silly exists.

ESPN has tried to act like they have been relevant since 1993, which is as hilarious as it is anger inducing.

The bottom line is that the Irish haven't won a damn thing since 1988 and are living off the ghosts of the Four Horsemen (whom were pounded by Nebraska twice, bringing this up incites ND fan riots because we are led to believe they were infallible by god) and Knute Rockne.

They were handed the Stanford game by poor officiating and also received assistance in OT versus Pitt. Nebraska was the beneficiary of a close call against Penn State last week early in the 4th quarter that ESPN wouldn't shut the hell up about all week long, but I never heard them talk about the Pitt call, and brushed the controversy versus Stanford aside at the time as well. They are treated with kid-gloves and it's not only unfair but ridiculous. They are no more special than any of the other top 10 winningest programs of all time.
They haven't been relevant since Ohio State beat their ass in the Fiesta Bowl 7 years ago.


"I don't know what the stronger emotion would be, the joy of winning or the pain of losing"-Sidney Crosby.
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