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11-18-2012, 04:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Bubba88 View Post
Hawkaholic and SPT

you two are the guys that tend to one side more than most others... WHY? Both sides suck. Both sides are to blame. Both sides aren't willing and look at the other side.
NFL owners shared 60% of 9 billion revenue last year. NHL less than 10% of 3.3 billion last year.

Players are stupid, same for the owners. I just want hockey back. I just want to see the game. It just sucks that the guys that in the end are the reason they make money hace nothing to say in these negotiations. Fans are the reason they generate money. Fans buy tickets, Fans buy merchandise stuff, Fans watch it on TV, Fans watch the commercials during the games

No Fans = No Money
No Hockey = No Fans
No Hockey = No Money for them

I'm so sick of seeing Daly, Fehr, Bettman and all those guys. They all take away my favorite hobby. Life goes on, I know this. It's still just sports and a hobby, but life would be more fun with it.
The owners have blame in this for sure but for the players to basically but it all on Bettman and act like their poor innocent victims in this whole thing is getting old and fast.

As for revenue sharing it's apples and oranges. I explained it in the Toews comments post but you can't compare other leagues to the NHL when it comes to revenue sharing because of where that revenue comes from.

Sure the NFL shares 60% of it's revenue, because 75% of it's revenue is generated from the multi-billion $ TV deals they have and they have multiple of them. So the Giants are giving up their own money to the Jaguars instead their just giving up most of the TV money to them and they still keep all their own profit from tickets, merchandise and etc. It's similar in baseball and the NBA to where the huge TV deals is where most of the revenue sharing $ comes from.

In the NHL however almost 75% of the leagues revenue is generated from teams themselves individually and not from league wide deals and sponsorship. So when you ask for revenue sharing your not asking the Leafs and Rangers to let the Panthers and Coyotes to have most of the league wide pot money your asking them to give up their own profits to help out the league and simply put they won't I don't think they should. Again it's not league money your asking teams to give up their own money.

It's why the players need to get a reality check and accept making less. They play in a league that isn't popular enough to have multiple billion $ TV deals and can't generate millions on millions in sponsorship so to ask to be paid as the #3 highest paid pros in America in the last major pro sport in revenue is ridiculous and not realistic. I understand they don't want to give up their money but at the end of the day they don't make enough to make as much as they are and are basically asking fans to pay their higher salaries because how are owners going to get that money? Ticket prices go up, parking goes up, concessions go up.

Lastly from what I have seen as far as negotiations and such the owners and the NHL have at least come up with ways to try and solve it, the "make whole" provision, revising it, trying to find ways to get players their $. Meanwhile players are demanding a fixed income with a % raise for the coming years no matter the HRR and are in the media talking about how bad their treated and bad mouthing the other side. It comes off as, greedy, petty, and seedy and just revolting to me.

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