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11-18-2012, 05:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Clowe Me View Post
It was. Thanks for acknowledging it.

Subjective and not proven yet.

They didn't overachieve, they were right where their numbers suggested they would be.

It's nice to see the Jays spend money, but they still have holes in their rotation and on the right side of the infield. Don't plan the parade yet.
Texas could be losing Hamilton and Napoli and A's overachieved. That division wont be near as good next year

In their rotation? How? Johnson, Buehrle, Romero and Morrow are 4 starters. Explain the "holes"?

Right side of the infield? EE is a first baseman. Ya we need to improve over him Bonificio will play 2nd and he provides plenty of speed.

Nobody is planning a parade but they will be greatly improved.

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