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11-18-2012, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Nailor Hopberle View Post
I think there's already been substantial damage to the game. Last lockout, I think most fans were more understanding of the reasons. This lockout seems to be a lockout doesn't seem to have the same rationale.
I agree that the there's considerable damage done to the NHL currently. After making record revenues and gaining traction in the US markets, this pointless lockout has stopped and destroyed all the positive momentum.

The last lockout, fans foresaw a lockout coming as early as 2001-02 because the league was bleeding money from its throat. The league needed a complete economic overhaul and desparately needed a salary cap and fans understood it. Especially small market teams like Edmonton could not function without cost certainty.

Nobody saw this lockout coming. If you were to tell me that a lockout was going to happen back in June, I would've called you crazy. This is just a pure pissing match between the owners and players.

Part of the reason why I'm optimistic that a deal will get done is because I don't believe the owners and players are going to leave 3.3 billion dollars of revenue on the table. This is a similar lockout to the NBA and NFL. They knew a deal will get done to save the season.

But as of right now, my optimism has been replaced with frustration to, currently, just complete apathy. I'm so disgusted with this whole process.

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