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11-18-2012, 09:34 AM
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The refereeing in this league really sucks. I mean it's not just mediocre it's really really bad. Last year they actually GAVE a goal the a team. No pucks were even close to going in and they did this. The announcers a year later are still trying to figure it out!! I saw things in the OS/Kit game yesterday that just blew my mind.

The Kitchener goalie "cloth-lined" Smith while he wasn't even in the blue ice, referee right there looking at it, no call. Caused a brawl and OS targeted with an extra 2 minutes when Kitchener should've gotten all kinds of penalties that were not called in the brawl.

Again Kitchener goalie is behind the net reached out with his stick and trips the player referee right there looking at it, no call

Kitchener player decides to fight even when turned down by the other player who left his gloves on, punched him in the head and face at least 10 times... get a 2 minute minor for roughing.

OS defense clear the puck from their zone but a OS player knocks the puck down with his stick when it was over is head, clearly a high stick where the whistle should've blown, no whistle and a goal is scored on the play. (yes I'm not being bias, that was an OS goal that shouldn't have counted)

at least 7 times in the game the ref is in the way of a pass or a zone clearing, I know that things happen fast and this will happen without blaming anybody, but this was really consistent

often "non-calls" are a contribution to players getting frustrated and then bad things happen. Like being cloth-lined... it's a shot to the head, with the intention to hurt. No call, what do you think can happen afterwards? my point is... I think Branch should look at his referees if he's interested in a cleaner hockey league. He should give some of those guys 10 games!

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