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Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
Three key reasons why FA's wont come here

1) Too intense of a hockey market, its like living in hollywood for these players, their every move gets scrutinzed 24/7.

2) Burke doesn't like to dish out more then 5 year long contracts, players these days want 7-12 years. I don't agree with these types of contracts BUT if that's whats ************ players from signing here then Burke really needs to get over his fat ego.

3) MLSE for a very long time has not shown a serious committment to winning, sorry but its the truth. Players want to know the team they're playing for WILL be a winning one, no player wants to come sign on and waste years of their lives playing for a bottom feeding team.

Issue #1 will never change, so its time to just except it. Issue #2 will only change once Burke is canned and/or the new CBA re-aligns its player contracts. Issue #3 is slowly being fixed but we're still several years away from being a good team.
You forgot #4: the Leafs aren't even trying to sign UFA's. How can they come here if they don't get an offer?

Of course they'll strongly consider if the money is there.

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