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11-18-2012, 09:10 AM
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I loved the weapon balance in Doom 3. I don't know why that game got so many complaints. Is it dark? Yes. But it's not like you're ever stuck in a corner and shooting at a wall... The enemies have a glow to them when they attack or it's lit up enough.

Closure - 8.5/10

Really cool puzzle/platformer. I only beat the main game and I don't really plan on going back to find all the silver moths to unlock what is probably just a hidden ending. The game plays based on darkness. You can move around glowing orbs but if you don't see a wall or floor, you can go through that area. It's a cool light manipulation game where you have to manipulate the sources of light so a wall that's blocking your path won't be lit up so you can pass it. It's definitely a fresh take on puzzle/platformers and got pretty challenging at times.

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