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11-18-2012, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Yeah, seriously. What self serving bs. Kavis Reed now months after the fact telling us "oh its a misktake, here's what I said all along"

Sure boss, that and a $1.50 gets you a coffee. Especially since Kavis, if this was his feeling did literally nothing at the time about the move.
A Coach who then proceeded to single out Joseph, Jyles, Nichols as his QB's who then benched Nichols for nearly the entire season, benched Jyles for half of it, and went with his guy Joseph.

This being the coach talking about wanting to retain RR. I don't buy it.

I don't buy the angle that Ricky buys it either. look at the picture. Kavis Reed hugging RR and Ray looking off in the distance not even acknowledging Reed. The classic "you're dead to me now" stance. I saw that in the picture last week, I still see it.
Want some more pictures? Go back in this thread to some of the linked articles with pictures of Kavis Reed and Eric Tillman all smiles and laughing with each other. Yeah, again I don't buy this bs for a second. Reed was in agreement with this.

In addition to being a hopeless coach he's now a lying bag of ****.
Of course it will be months after the fact when he says it was a mistake. When else is he suppose to do it? You can't undermine your GM, you smile and say his **** smells great. This is obvious...and it isn't the coaches job to "do something about the move".

There had been rumblings all along that Kavis was not happy at the move and that him and Tillman did not get along that well. Pictures in this newspaper mean nothing, especially when it is an un-emotional person like Ray in it, and with a head coach he only had for 1 year. This isn't like Peyton and Dungy or something... I also like how you think Reed has no character, despite everything we know about him. Reed is the last guy to lie in order to throw other people under the bus. If he says he did not like the move, I believe him.

Next wow, not only is Reed lying, but Ray is as well. When Ray says he thought Reed sounded like it wasn't his decision and he didn't agree with it, Ray was lying too! Oh ok, that sounds much more plausible than the truth. Like the moonlanding was just lies too.

All of a sudden you are blaming Reed for not playing Nichols most of the season? He is a young QB and they wanted to use guys with more experience, and you agreed with him almost all year. Weren't you the last guy on here to want to see Nichols? Not playing Nichols the last game was a clear mistake in judgement, but up until that point you could easily argue he handled the QB decently. Some would have wanted Nichols in during the playoff push, but for the first 2 games after saying Joseph was the starter, he played great.

You cheerleaded Jyles and Joseph, and now you are throwing Reed under the bus.

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