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11-18-2012, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by llamapalooza View Post
Here's my take on Vita as someone with both a Vita and a 3DS:

Vita's a fantastic piece of hardware but I'm not super impressed by the software yet. A lot of the games have been so close to console quality that the little ways they fall short really show in comparison. E.g., Need for Speed Most Wanted is almost a pixel-for-pixel port of the console game which is an incredible accomplishment...except there's only like 10% of the traffic because it can't render as many cars, so you're basically just driving around near-empty streets.

Uncharted feels very much the same way. When developers start making games that use the Vita's power without trying to scale down console engines it will be spectacular. As it stands now, though, the 3DS has a much stronger software lineup, because games are generally designed around the system rather than shoehorned onto it. (And also because Nintendo is probably the best and most experienced portable game developer in the world.)

Also: PS1 games are pretty great, but you won't be able to fit many onto the tiny, expensive memory cards. But yeah Castlevania SotN on Vita is awesome.

In other news, Wii U comes out tomorrow, and as far as I can tell, no one gives a ****. I've literally bought every Nintendo console since I was born within a month of it coming out, and I'm not even remotely interested. Sure hope Nintendo shapes the **** up and starts showing off some real, deep software soon.
Thanks for the feedback! I bought a PSP way back when (got a PSP-1000) on the promise of potential. And while it never took off like I had hoped, it still has TONS of good games if you look hard enough.

It seems like the Vita is just that next step, and from some of the gaming podcasts I listen to, there are a lot of underrated games already out for the Vita. I think I'm going to try to go for it... Just a matter of convincing a certain someone to toss that money away.

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