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11-18-2012, 11:50 AM
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I'm sure this has been pointed out before but it seems Laleggia and Schultz have had very similar developmental paths and if Laleggia is anywhere near Schultz in IQ I think he may just become a huge steal for us.

I don't know anything about the teams they played on or how good they were and this is just strictly looking at points in the same league for me:

Justin Schultz
Height: 6'2 Weight: 185

2006-07 Westside Warriors BCHL 2 1 0 1
2007-08 Westside Warriors BCHL 57 9 31 40
2008-09 Westside Warriors BCHL 49 15 35 50
2009-10 U. of Wisconsin WCHA 43 6 16 22
2010-11 U. of Wisconsin WCHA 41 18 29 47
2011-12 U. of Wisconsin WCHA 37 16 28 44

Joey Laleggia
Height: 5'10 Weight: 180

2008-09 Penticton Vees BCHL 2 0 0 0
2009-10 Penticton Vees BCHL 54 13 52 65
2010-11 Penticton Vees BCHL 58 20 62 82
2011-12 U. of Denver WCHA 43 11 27 38
2012-13 U. of Denver WCHA 10 5 7 12

Now, obviously Schultz has the size advantage but he isn't an overly physical player. I've never watched Laleggia play however his point totals are very high. I really hope that is an indication that thinks the game similar to Schultz. He can overcome his size, I don't even think that's a big deal in his situation. This post is just me trying to get some opinions on the players, not pumping anyone up as I've never seen Laleggia play.

Are there any opinions from anyone who has seen them both play? I bought AHL Live so I have seen Schultz play most of this year and am very, very impressed with how he sees the game. I really do like the prospects of Laleggia as well. Also, did Nuge have anything at all to do with the pick? or is it just a coincidence?

Both players are from BC as well so...theres that.

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