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11-18-2012, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Reverend Mayhem View Post
How would people feel about Raymond for Tallinder? At least one Devils fan likes on the main boards and I think it's decent deal that rounds out our defensive corps given we pawn off Ballard (sorry Ballard, just a square peg, round hole with a 4.2 million hit) or waive him:


I'm not sure if Tallinder plays right side but I'm 60% sure he does, if not then I wouldn't do this deal. Of course, Tallinder and Tanev are interchangeable.
Originally Posted by timw33 View Post
Tallinder can be a very steady minute muncher on the 2nd pairing. Really liked him when he was on Buffalo. I would do that deal if it meant we could move Ballard for a bottom 6 upgrade.
Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
I wouldn't want Tallinder as a permanent fixture in our top-4.

Maybe if

would work, but otherwise I'd want to go after a higher quality RD if Garrison absolutely cannot work with Edler.
Originally Posted by Reverend Mayhem View Post
The thing is Tallinder comes at a relatively cheap price (just Raymond) and the guy like timw33 said, a minute muncher. If we acquired Tallinder for that, I would not really ever be afraid of putting any pairing on any given night and not having them stink. If someone went down, I wouldn't really even have a problem with Alberts-Tallinder playing 15-20 minutes a night.

Compared to our 2010 D of:


miles ahead of that where there is more than one pairing I don't really trust.
Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
I'm not saying it's a bad idea, simply that if we do decide to make an addition, I'd rather the quality be higher. Although I'm still not sure he plays the right side, which might make the discussion moot anyways. Ideally we should aim for a natural RH defenseman anyways.
tallinder is fantastic. with how he played in the finals after he came back, i see no way we can get him for anything close to just raymond. (though i also kind of get the sense lamoriello would be the kind of GM to see the speedy defensive potential in mayray and trade for him, strap him to a chair, prop his eyelids open, and make him watch clip after clip of forsberg bowling guys over while cutting to the middle.)

tallinder would be the perfect edler partner. i mean, he's just a ridiculously steady guy and could very much do for edler what mitchell and hamhuis have done for bieksa. just look at how tyler myers' game fell apart after tallinder left buffalo.

plus, he has playoff experience (unlike the florida guys we keep picking up) and was buffalo's best skater, and arguably their best player period, during their '06 run to the conference finals (note that buffalo fell apart and lost 3 of 4 when he got hurt).

also, did you see how good he was in those two games of the finals, coming back from his blood clot?

the x factors are sides, age, and injuries. he's not quite sami salo, but he doesn't exactly have a clean bill of health or a sterling injury history either. and he plays the LS (he's most recently been paired with myers and zidlicky, who are both RHS), but i think he was on the LS when he was paired with lydman back when they were buffalo's shutdown pairing the two long playoff runs. and is he due for a decline? hard to say-- he's a big guy but not overly physical; comparable to salo style-wise but with out the shot and with a little more snarl. seems like the kind of d-man who can maintain his level into his late 30s.

but side-wise, if we're ever going to seriously work on transitioning edler to the right side (and not just, say, randomly put him there in the playoffs), you'd want to give him a LS defenseman like tallinder. the LS thing makes this probably not going to work (or potentially gives us another garrison-type gamble), but i would just love to give edler that kind of a partner if tallinder can play the RS or if edler can switch (i guess garrison could very well be that partner for edler too).

the other thing that makes this probably not going to happen though is i see no reason why they wouldn't keep tallinder to pair with adam larsson (who is a RHS, btw).

but yeah, there's no question if we can swap him in with raymond going the other way, and ballard being dumped, we should jump on it. i wonder: does NJ have any interest in ballard? not sure what their needs are, but wouldn't it be great just to be able to give them mayray and k-ballz (worst radio drive-time team ever)?

Originally Posted by Whale View Post
Noticed the other day that Brule is available, parted ways with club in Europe. Obviously that doesn't look very good, but I would take a flier on him anyways. His NHL numbers aren't actually all that bad considering what a gong show his career has turned out to be. Talk about mismanaging an asset.
another tambellini with some grit who can play defense? if he's willing to sign for tambellini's contract (league minimum, two way), yes please.

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