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Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
Scott Stevens is 6'2 explain to me how in almost every one of these clips his "tucked" elbow is the main point of contact on almost every one besides the first 2. Or how its just convenient that he has it up after a huge hit in almost all of these once it is clearly visible. I can't ***** and whine about it. He hit well within the rules of the game back then but trying to make him out as a saint and some perfectly clean hitter who never elbows anyone is ridiculous.
He doesn't lead with his elbow, they come up in the follow through. This is hitting 101 really.

The most physical players of all time crossed the line occasionally (some regularly). It's a requisite of being a physically imposing player, if you never cross the line you can't establish where it is. That is to say, have the refs inform you as to where your line is.

Stevens became one of the best at stepping right up to the line without crossing it and that's what made him such a ***** to play against. The NHL used his hitting highlight reels as a template for what big legal hits are supposed to be, so obviously they feel the same.

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