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11-18-2012, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Blue And Orange View Post
I've been trying to say this.

3.3 billion dollars of revenue on the table, there is no way the owners and players are just going to let all that pile of money sit there. Two fat kids fighting over a piece of cake, eventually they'll come to an agreement before the cake becomes stale.

This isn't a debate between pro-salary cap and anti-salary cap.
And yet, in their squabbling over ~$230 million a year both sides are just a few weeks away from throwing away all $3.3 billion and seriously jeopardizing future revenues with a highly destructive lockout. At this point it's not about letting the pile of money "sit there," it's about how big a pile of money they let burn while each side attempts to "win" this round of the eternal deathmatch that is NHL labor discussions.

That's what's so frustrating about this. The only real issue up for discussion is money, but both sides have already lost so much potential revenue already that soon it will overshadow however much money they would stand to gain by "winning" the CBA discussions. Right now I think this has way more to do with egos than business, and pride comes before the fall. I've known plenty of fat kids who would happily let that cake go stale just to prevent the other kid from getting a piece of it.

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