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Originally Posted by Ogopogo View Post
Awesome. They should put a few teams on the moon as well.

After all, if you are going to run an unsustainable league, why not be the mother of unsustainable leagues?
Agreed... They should try to model the KHL after something like the NHL as that league seems to run pretty smoothly.

The KHL isn't all that different from a lot of sports/leagues. Some of the most famous soccer clubs in the world are propped up by billionaires or are in 10/100 millions of dollars in dept that they apparently have no intention of ever paying back. Aren't most Japanese baseball teams huge money losers that have their loses writen off by the conglomerates that own them? I get what you are saying as it does all seem like a bit on the edge of madness but the way the KHL is running isn't really anything new.

The moon idea doesn't sound all that far off though. At the very least I get the impression that if I had a had enough money kicking around the KHL would give me a team that I could run out of any city in the world of my choosing. Lagos, Buenos Aires, Hamilton... Sure!!!

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