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11-18-2012, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Ray stated "He said something like" There isn't a direct exact quote in the whole piece which makes me think its revisionist in memory, and slant.

What is this saying other than nothing. Ray knew? Knew what? How did he know when Reed didn't say much?

Even if you're going to pretend this is something pay attention to the words quoted.

"it wasn't really my call" Which is different than saying something like "It wasn't my call" or Theres no way that was my call" etc. Trust me when you hear somebody say "It wasn't really my call" you can wonder what they did have to do with it. If that is Reeds actual quote its part acknowledgement, its hedging bets, its a carefully worded statement that means nothing.

Johnny stated: I didn't really want to kick my sister" Which means what?

Even if we're to believe the quote, or that TJ is quoting accurately its not saying much. Which RR actually acknowledges.

This must be slow news days for TJ. What a load of nothing.

Reed isn't going to phone up Ray and shout "This is ********!" to him...Reed is respectful of the guy who made the decision, once the decision is made. Obviously Reed hints at it like you are with someone and you don't need to say much to know what they mean, without having to blab your expanded feelings. This is 0% like your "Johnny" example. It simply shows that Ray could tell from their call that this was another one of Tillman's crazy ideas.

Why would Reed, who before joining the Eskimos as head coach made sure Ray was going to be on the team, want him gone a year later??

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