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Originally Posted by lazerbullet View Post
I'm not arguing that he still would be a total mystery man. I'm saying that the following statement is somewhat wrong, imho. And I'm really talking before the draft. Of course we would follow him closely after the draft.
I'm comparing Datsyuk, two years post draft, to Jarnkrok, two years post draft.
Which is where this tangent came from, when Henkka suggested Jarnkrok would replace Datsyuk like Datsyuk replaced Fedorov.

Loaded by what sick dangles? He scored 3 goals for crying out loud.
You don't need to score goals to make an impressive play that gets attention on Youtube.

And really look... how often you see here posted "sick dangles" made by some relatively unknown Russian kid? It's not like HFBoards are loaded with them. And believe me... there are plenty of players out there who can do them. For example... Varnakov scored one of the most amazing goals that I have seen and it's not like this board went nuts and exploded because of this.
No single video will light the world afire.
But it gives FANS and INTERESTED PEOPLE info they wouldn't have had 12 years ago.

We know a hell of a lot more about Jarnkrok today than we knew about Datsyuk 18 months after he was drafted.

And that's what I'm talking about.

Jarnkrok hasn't displayed the kind of skating or skill that makes me think he's going to be an elite player.
I think he'll likely be a good player. But I don't see as an NHL superstar.

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