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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
No he wouldn't. You're talking about 6 lbs less than his regular weight class. He would lose water weight, that's it.
I don't think you understand how the fighters operate. If Silva is fighting at 185 he's already shedding a ton of water weight for weigh ins. By the time he actually fights he's easily over 190.

GSP got caught versus Hughes in his early career, then Serra, his face has taken beatings before from various opponents, yesterday he got caught by Condit.
Yes... GSP got caught 8 years ago against Hughes, 5 years ago against Serra and then once in a fight he dominated last night...

Comparing Condit's striking to Silva's is quite insulting. Silva is the most accurate striker in the game. He has devastating KO power from his hands, kicks, knees, and throws kicks/moves that are unique to his style and unpredictable. Jones is the only fighter that comes close to being comparable, but he has more to prove before being put on the same level as Silva.
I never compared Condit's striking to Silva's...

To simply state "Silva is the most accurate striker in the game" while conveniently ignoring the fact that GSP has the best take downs in the game and the argument could definitely be made the best wrestling in the game is foolishness. Lets focus on one guys strengths and ignore the other guys strengths...

GSP would obviously want to wrestle Silva down and keep him there, but that's easier said then done.
GSP loses that fight. He only had 1 way to win this fight, flawless wrestling. So, I wouldn't bet on GSP at all.
Trying to knock out a guy that can take you down at will is a lot easier said than done too.

Maybe him ''showboating'' doesn't make him better, but it sure makes him more impressive, and I'm sure, more intimidating to his opponents.
No it doesn't, it makes him look like a moron.

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