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11-18-2012, 11:59 AM
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From my POV the game in North America is very physical and teams rather try to intimidate their opponents with fast and hard plays while in Europe (and especially in Russia) you want to outplay your opponent with skill and surprise them. Its like comparing football in England and Spain. Both are succesful but football in England is more physical while in Spain its all about technique and you got players like Messi or Ronaldo there.

What I want to say is: both systems are good to a certain point but it does more harm than good to change one philosophy for the other in the middle of the development of a player. Thats why football teams like FC Barcelona want to have the kids in their system as soon as possible. As I said you can still make the step to NA at the age of 25 and vice versa.

I can give you a short example. When we have CHL guys who come to Germany they have a real hard time to adjust but then there are all these NCAA players who are developed and who can directly make the difference, show their abilities in the European leagues fast too. Maybe thats also why at the moment more and more players from North America (even Canadians) take the NCAA path rather than playing junior hockey in Canada.

And last but not least: its good that they stop draftig older foreigners. If someone is good and the players wants to come to the KHL its better to sign them directly than drafting the same guys who want to take the CHL route before...

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