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Originally Posted by CoolForumNamePending View Post
It's interesting that they have apparently managed to make the Raleigh/Charlotte association work. Looking from a distance with Charlotte now being a 'major league' town and largest most important hub in the state (actually entire Carolinas) you would think the farm team of a 'lesser' in state city could be a tough sell but it looks like they have found at the very least a workable niche.

Coyotes to Charlotte thread in 3... 2... 1...
Well, the Triangle area won't agree with Charlotte being the dominant metro. And the stats agree.

The populations are roughly the same - 1.8M.
Triangle is the education, culture, and government center of NC. Raleigh is the capital of course. UNC, Duke, NC State - 3 elite research universities.
Charlotte is the banking and finance center.
Triangle has more high-tech -- software and biotech.
Charlotte has more commercial and manufacturing industry.
Triangle has the most popular college sports.
Charlotte has the most popular pro sports.

Both have boomed over the last 20 years.

Charlotte's main advantage is it's more unified, with a single central city as the core. Triangle is divided by Raleigh and Durham fighting for bragging rights -- meanwhile Cary (Containment Area for Relocated Yankees) is the richest part of the Triangle and Chapel Hill is culturally important to NC.

Having the 3 top universities in NC right there in the triangle creates a huge alumni base and a lot of political power in the state legislature.

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