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Originally Posted by RoytoSakic View Post
1) Goaltending has changed for the better...
2) Goaltending has been ever changing for the better of the position....
3) Players job is to score goals, goalies job is to stop the puck....
4) This is 2012, we can wish all we want about how the goal....
5) Give Sakic or MacInnis a composite stick back in the late 80's earlier 90's...
6) If you want goalies to go back to the philosophy that we only need to protect....

Agree. Goaltending has "changed for the better". Unfortunately, its only "better" amongst the "elite of the elite", and were talking a handful of goaltenders who currently play in the NHL, Europe & the KHL. Within that group, you have a problem with systemic inconsistencies in their games. Halak for example. Stone wall in Montreal. Brilliant. Bit of a Hybrid. Would play well outside the paint. In Philly? Craters. Dont get me started on Roberto Luongo. The rest of your point there that Id be complaining if this was 19 odd whatever that Id have a problem with goalies being allowed to drop is nonsense, suggesting Im narrow minded. Do I strike you as being a narrow minded individual Mr.Sakic? No imagination? Close minded? My God Man, you have no idea.

2) Im cool with that part. What Im warm about is that the basics, as in you know, like "being able to skate"? Kinda important dontchathink? Being able to take a shot with a goalie stick thats accurate & hard? Reading the puck on the shooters blade BEFORE committing yourself and dropping to your knees, at his Mercy? Rebound Control; as in deflecting the puck into the corners from your pads, blocker or stick rather than just letting it "hit you" and going straight back out to the waiting stick of some Gunner for a one timer while your flailing around on your knees'? Playing it exclusively top of the crease (and on your knees) instead of moving out 3-5' or Hell even 10' beyond it, aggressively moving towards the shooter, absolutely no daylight given between you, the net & the shooter on a slapshot? Of course, if you cant skate, forget that, just fall to your knees early, mebbe the puck'll hitcha, mebbe not.

3&4) Im not advocating that pure standup or Hybrid styles like Roy or Belfour of the 80's would work (though I do believe both of those guys would adapt their games further to suit the style of todays play and excel).

5) Id gladly strap on the old Cooper GP59's, GM12 Waffle Blocker & Trapper, my Greg Harrison face flush mask, paper thin arm pads & face anyone with the new generation of sticks. No problem. Mind ye', 40 years of smoking and a beyond excessive lifestyle may have slowed down the reflexes some. Still, absolutely "no fear", and in my day young fella, having played Junior, gone to various camps etc, I can tell you without a lie that I have indeed faced some of the most fearsome shooters of my era, from guys like Napier, Robert, Shutt, Orr, Walton, Dennis Bloody Hull (who couldnt control his shot to save his life, usually zoning in on the forehead) amongst the many. Bring it.

6) Thats right. We should be using equipment that does nothing more than protect us, that isnt designed specifically to CHEAT. Created generation's of lazy Goaltenders. The finer "arts" lost. Double jointed behemoth meat sticks. Pretty frikin sad.

As for your comments about Dryden, ya, he was a Freak Show alrighty. Unorthodox and brilliant, and I do believe his comments about how the positions played today, as in "disappointed" ring true.... when I was a kid coming up, I had Goalie Coaches ranging from Ed Chadwick to Johnny Bower; guys who had played pro in the minors at various levels, pretty much through the 40's, 50's & 60's; Jimmy Rutherford when he was still with Hamilton playing Junior in the late 60's. All sorts, shapes & sizes. The older guys who wouldve played what was colloquially called "Flopper Style", deeper in the net, certainly picked up on the Stand-Up real fast, had no problem "teaching" it, while simultaneously retaining & conveying the best from the earlier styles so that you as their pupil would have the complete toolbox of tricks. Not seeing it in the past several generations. Lack of aggressive play. Fire. Arrogance. Belfour, Roy, Hasek & Thomas, Smith and a few others rare exceptions.

anyhoo, carry on...

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