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Originally Posted by 66-29-33 View Post
What a night, how i am still alive today? i have no idea. UFC night last night, bought some whiskey, had 3 bottles of it. The group of buddies i was with called the ambulence because i was breathing heavy, eyes rolling in the back of my head, body flailing like i was having a seizure. I get taken to hospital, they send me home without giving me bus fair, so i'm walking down the middle of the HIGHWAY. Cars were beeping, i pretty much didn't give a **** if i got hit by a car and killed, i'm just stumbling down the highway on all the lanes crying. Police pick me up, don't even understand why the hospital booted me out, nor gave me any bus fair. Dad picked me up and drove me home where i puked 8 times.

Good to hear you're okay but damn. 3 bottles? That ain't right.


Yeah, how could the hospital send you home? How did they motivate that being a good idea?

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