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11-18-2012, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Avder View Post
Depends how successful the WiiU is
Are you going to buy one? If so, I'm curious why.

Nintendo got lucky with the Wii. They created a cheap to build, gimmicky console that appealed to non-gamers. The majority of those people now have their Wii shoved in a closet. The only reason for the Wii's success was due to its simplicity and mass-market appeal. Unfortunately, Nintendo put the majority of the money made from Wii's into developing the WiiU. If this fails, they'll be hurting.

Who does the WiiU even appeal to? It's a confusing product that lacks marketability. What is the WiiU anyways? A console? A tablet? A handheld? That's the downfall; it's trying to be too many things and succeeding at none.

The only people I can see buying a WiiU are die-hard Nintendo fans, but I'm not sure there are enough of those people around to support Nintendo's development of another console - especially when they smother third-party developers, and their first-party franchises are more stale than the crackers in my pantry.

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