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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
Silva won't have any weight advantage... they always fight at the same weight. You'd have to assume GSP gaining more muscle for a fight would result in him being stronger than Silva losing muscle to lose weight. The reach Silva would clearly have but GSP is in a class of his own wrestling wise and Sonnen handed Silva his ass with his wrestling. GSP could most definitely beat Silva using his wrestling.. no fighter in the world has been able to even remotely hindered GSP taking them down... Silva would be no different.
1st - they don't fight at the same weight, the weigh-in at the same weight, Silva would without a doubt be the heavier guy on fight night. Plus when someone is fighting in a more natural weight, they are less likely to give up strength, speed or any other variable from simply making weight.

2nd - Sonnen is a world class wrestler. It's doubtful GSP is a better wrestler, Sonnen just isn't good at much else.

3rd - Sonnen was on the juice for the first fight and silva was fighting hurt

4th - the rematch, Silva made Sonnen look silly

5th - GSP would have no chance at beating Silva.

The underrating of the best fighter in the world has gotten crazy around certain parts.

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