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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Yea? And how exactly do you know those hidden fighters would actually be better? You don't. Maybe there are some better fighters, but we have no clue of that's actually true. So I won't spend much time talking about them.

I still don't understand how people would bet against Silva so easily. The guy dominates his opponents so easily, and does things never done before. I mean, the guy will purposely back up onto the cage, drop his gloves, and practice avoiding punches, once he gets bored from that, he comes forward and knocks out his opponent with a body shot. This in a weight class above his versus a guy that had never been knocked down and who we know is very resistant.
Not to mention how he destroyed all his opponents in his weight class.

Jones hasn't impressed me in his last two fights. Going to distance versus Evans, and 4 rounds against Belfort, a guy Silva KOd with a front kick.

To count out Silva would be quite foolish. He's proven he can dominate any kind of fighter, even in higher weight class. So to say you'd bet against him every day of the week if it'd be versus Jones, as if it's a sure bet, is foolish imo. At the very least, it's 50-50, but I'd put money on Silva.

Silva would not lose muscle. Silva would cut his weight, mostly water, before the weigh ins, and then put it back on.
Sonnen took Silva down, but never hurt him, and yet he still got submitted. In the rematch, Sonnen got beat up.
People look at Silva's fight versus Sonnen and say ''ahh, he almost lost, his wrestling ain't good'', I look at it and think this guy is unbeatable. Despite being on his back for most of his fight, he waits to the last second to pull out a submission. Many people think Silva was toying a bit with Sonnen, just like he does standing up and lets fighters punch him in the face. Never know with him.
But if it really was all dominance by Sonnen and nothing more than a simple mistake, then you'd figure he'll dominate again in rematch and won't make the same mistake. Nope, he gets his ass KOd.
GSP could get Silva down, I'm sure of it, but going through Silva's pin point punches would hurt him and probably KO him.
No doubt Silva would win. None.

Your knowledge of mma is great kriss. I know what we had a little debate earlier about dana white ect, but you know what you're talking about.

I would take that bet of Silva vs Jones and my money would be on AS too.

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