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11-18-2012, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by hero View Post
Meh, few players want to play in Toronto it seems, and to be honest, what player wants to go to a bottom 5 team?

Our biggest mistake was and still is the Kessel deal. This extended off-season isn't even helping the leafs that much.

Sure our specs are getting more time, but it's not like we have that great a core of specs.

Now, if we hadn't traded kessel.

1 of Seguin or Hall (depending on how much worse we are with out Kessel)
1 of Hamilton, Zibanejad, Scheifele, Strome, Larsson, Huberdeau, Landeskog, RNH (depending on how much worse we are with out Kessel)

And thats not even considering, that if we had gone into a steady rebuild, players like Grabo/Kulie/MacA could of been moved for more picks.

A future D core of...

Rielly, Hamilton, Gardiner, Finn, Blacker, Percy, Holzer, Gunnarsson

Thats something to get excited about...

Rielly - Hamilton
Gardiner - Finn
Blacker - Percy/Holzer/Gunnar
Since Kessel is currently better than Hall or Seguin and may very well always be you are basically complaining we don't have Hamilton, which is really not the end of the world. Sure he would be nice but he has not proven anything yet at the NHL so moaning when he may or may not be an NHLer seems kind of sad.

Sure for positional reasons Seguin might be more appealing but this is just 20/20 hind sight . You guys really need to get over the Kessel trade, Kessel has been just fine . If Hamilton does not prove to be a top pairing D all of this complaining is going to seem very petty, actually it pretty much does already, Oh no we missed out on a defensemen who we have no idea how good he will be !

We may not have even drafted Hamilton so it's a silly argument. Add to that you have no idea how Seguin would have developed in our market without the cover of Bostons depth and the increased pressure and scrutiny that would have come with being a saviour. One thing we do know for sure is Kessel can handle it.

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