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Comments made about Datsyuk in October and November 2001 - Datsyuk's rookie year, when he was getting 7-12 minutes a night.
* Pavel Datsyuk is playing well. Good moves. Deceptive speed. Not too shy in
the corners. I would love to see the kid take a regular shift in Draper's
place with Fedorov and Shanahan. The kid is a passer. And for all the
excitedment about the 3-D line, Devereaux and Dandenault have hands made of
It is amazing how elusive he looks. It almost looks like he has no trouble
to step around the defenseman and into the scoring position.
He was playing against Roenick? As far as gaining weight - I am not sure
he needs that at the moment. It looks like he can win the battle along the
boards just with stickhandling (I recall a moment when he was able to keep
the puck with 2 people on him). He also somehow can gain the posession
along the boards without pushing people out of the way - I would
call it surgical puck removal He took a hit from a much bigger dman
and stayed on his feet, so his balance is good. The only reason for
him to gain weight IMO is to avoid injuries.
When he burst out of the pack of 2 or 3 Flyers along the boards with
the puck, I really thought he deserved to at least be rewarded with a
call for the hook that was being put on him. Note to Bowman: Please
require Fedorov to work with Datsyuk on his shot.
Williams is Devereaux part 2. Datsyuk on the other hand has a lot of raw skills
that you can't teach. I believe that Datsyuk will be a 2nd line player in a
couple year.
.. Datsyuk continues to look impressive out there. He
moves the puck pretty well. He needs to finish more often. Williams has
looked invisible since the opening of the season. He'd better get in gear or
Devereaux will take his spot.
Pavel Datsyuk continues to impress. That kid has the uncanny
ability to make people look foolish.
Williams has a very underrated shot, and Datsyuk has
shown an ability to create something out of nothing.
Wow. Datsyuk looked really good. He is definetely top line material.
He even went into the corners, battled for the puck etc. I felt
he did not play "small". If he is not injured out of the
NHL, the Wings have a real player on their hands. His shot is not
fast, but quick and accurate (see Larionov).
ll things
considered, Pavel has more upside. That kid has raw talent to spare.
He's just damn fun to watch. He may already be the b
<--- Oct. 5, 2001 -- on a team with Fedorov, yzerman, Lidstrom. Shanahan, Robitaille, Larionov, Hull, etc

I don't know where they found Datsyuk but he looks very promising. It is hard to take
the puck away from him and those moves, wow!! His tricks make Fedorov's moves look
like child's play. He is something special. It looks like the Wings scouting staff
has woken up with Zetterburg and him

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