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Originally Posted by GrandChelems View Post
Because he is an NHL regular, and you have to trust the expert coaches and managers who have decided this, as you would a professional doctor, electrician, and whatnot.
Yes, granted he's a NHL regular based on decisions made by previous management.

But why are all the other players taken in the 2010 draft who haven't made an impact (basically everyone but Hall, Seguin, Skinner, and Fowler), still highly touted prospects, but Burmi because he was rushed to the NHL and hasn't busted out is now a disappointment, or becoming a disappointment?

IOW, why do we have to look at Burmi though the lens that what you see is what you get, but everyone else in that draft class with the exception of the 4 above still get the benefit of the doubt of being prospects, and even next year and possibly the year after will get a pretty decent leash from their fanbases? And yet, we're here already talking about Burmi as if he's a finished product?

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