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HFWF Sunday Night Slaughter
Episode #3
Toronto, Ontario
Air Canada Center

HFWF opening video package plays


The fans go insane as the camera pans all over the arena and shows the fans going crazy in the crowd. It's a complete sellout in Toronto tonight!

Announcer: Ladies and genetlemen, welcome to another edition of Sunday Night Slaughter, and boy, what an event do we have lined up for you tonight! We're exactly ONE WEEK away from our second pay-per-view, Redemption and we already know a HUGE match that will take place at the event, and it's CPrice vs. CrimsonSkorpion in a Hardcore match, but tonight, we're going to have an official contract signing in that very ring! And RIGHT NOW, we're going to open this show to this Toronto crowd with a HUGE HFWF World Championship match between StraightEdge and ColePens!

"Purple Perfection" hits and ColePens walks out to a HUGE pop from the fans! The fans are in a frenzy as ColePens walks out and stands on the stage with a smirk on his face. ColePens walks down to the ring and slaps some fans hands, and when he enters the ring, he motions around his waist and then poses on the second rope for the fans.

"Revolution" hits and StraightEdge walks out to a HUGE amount of heat from the fans! StraightEdge unhooks the HFWF World Championship from his waist and hoists it above his head as he poses on the top of the ramp and soaks in all the boos from the fans. ColePens, in the ring, wants to leave and get at StraightEdge, but the referee is holding him back. StraightEdge walks down to the ring cautiously as he surveys ColePens. StraightEdge slowly climbs up the steel steps, wipes his feet on the apron and then hoists up the HFWF World Championship again before he enters the ring. The music stops as both men stand in opposite corners.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is for the HFWF World Heavyweight Championship! (big pop) First, the challenger, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in a 231 pounds, ColePens! (HUGE POP!) Now, the champion, from Edmonton, Alberta, weighing in a 248 pounds, representing The Revolution, the HFWF World Champion, StraightEdge! (HUGE HEAT!)

StraightEdge stares at the HFWF World Championship and then hands it to the referee. The referee shows it to ColePens, who nods and then pulls on the ropes to loosen up. The referee holds up the HFWF World Championship, to a big pop from the fans and then hands it to the timekeepers.

HFWF World Heavyweight Championship
StraightEdge (c) vs. ColePens


The fans go insane as the bell rings. Both men start to circle the ring as their eyes are glued on one another. They approach the middle of the ring...and they lock up! The fans go insane as they struggle to overpower one another, before ColePens wisely realizes he won't win the test of strength in the lock up and just throws StraightEdge down to the mat face first! The fans pop as StraightEdge holds his nose and ColePens kicks StraightEdge in the face and quickly goes for the cover! 1...kick out by StraightEdge! StraightEdge quickly rolls out of the ring and regroups, much to the displeasure of the fans, but ColePens quickly exits the ring and starts stalking StraightEdge. StraightEdge runs around the ring to get away from ColePens and ColePens starts chasing behind. StraightEdge eventually jumps up on to the apron... AND THEN JUMPS OFF AND GIVES A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY TO COLEPENS ON THE OUTSIDE! The fans boo as StraightEdge jumps up to his feet and rolls into the ring, telling the referee to continue his count, which is now at 5.


ColePens is back in the ring! The fans go insane as StraightEdge starts dropping elbows on the back of ColePens! The fans boo as StraightEdge repeats the elbow drops until he reaches 10! StraightEdge starts to mock ColePens and taunts to the crowd, getting TONS of heat from the fans and then goes for another elbow drop, BUT COLEPENS MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND ON TO THE APRON! The fans go insane. StraightEdge gets up to his feet and holds his elbow, while ColePens pulls himself up to his feet and slowly climbs up to the top turnbuckle. StraightEdge sees this and runs to the corner and up to the top turnbuckle, and both men start exchanging blows on the top turnbuckle. ColePens starts getting the better of StraightEdge and starts hitting elbows into the forehead of StraightEdge! The fans go crazy as ColePens grabs StraightEdge in a front facelock and then BOTH MEN JUMP OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE AS COLEPENS CONNECTS WITH A SUPER NECKBREAKER OFF THE TOP ROPE AND INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! The fans go insane as both men sell pain off the hard landing! ColePens slowly crawls to the body of StraightEdge and hooks the leg for the cover! 1...2...STRAIGHTEDGE KICKS OUT! The fans boo as ColePens sits up and holds the back of his neck in pain, and sells mild shock on his face. ColePens gets up to his feet and leans against the ropes as he stares at StraightEdge. StraightEdge slowly gets to his knees, but immediately, ColePens runs and NAILS StraightEdge in the temple with a running knee! The fans go crazy as ColePens continues to run off the ropes and then drops a knee into the skull of StraightEdge with a hard knee drop! The fans are LOUD for ColePens as he crawls quickly to the body of StraightEdge and hooks the leg for the cover! 1...2...3!

NO! STRAIGHTEDGE KICKS OUT! The fans thought ColePens had him, and the heat is deafening as the fans start a "ColePens" chant! ColePens gets up to his feet and acknowledges the crowd as he nods all to it and starts pumping his arms along to the chant. StraightEdge slowly gets up to his feet and ColePens nails him with a hard right which sends StraightEdge into the corner. ColePens gets up on the second rope and has StraightEdge cornered...and ColePens begins the punches in the corner! 1 punch! 2 punch! 3 punch! 4 punch! 5 punch! 6 punch! 7 punch! 8 punch! 9 punch! The fans are going insane as ColePens winds up for this final 10th punch, but StraightEdge grabs ColePens in a spinebuster position and DROPS ColePens face first on the top turnbuckle! The fans boo as ColePens is dropped with his arms over the top rope and his chin resting on the top turnbuckle. StraightEdge shakes all the cobwebs off after a few seconds and looks at ColePens in the same position. StraightEdge backs away to the opposite corner and runs at ColePens and NAILS ColePens with a splash in the corner to the back! StraightEdge runs off the rope as ColePens bounces out of the corner and StraightEdge NAILS ColePens under the jaw with a HUGE RUNNING KNEE! ColePens drops like a sack of bricks as StraightEdge quickly goes for the cover! 1...2...3!

NO! ColePens kicks out just barely! The fans go insane as StraightEdge gets up to his feet and signals with his arms that the match is about to end. ColePens slowly staggers up to his feet and StraightEdge lifts ColePens up on his shoulders on his side, in a torture rack position! StraightEdge spins ColePens arounds and PLANTS ColePens in the mat HARD with an Argentine Sidewalk Slam! The fans go insane with heat as StraightEdge slams his feet on the mat and then mocks ColePens "pumping his fists" taunt as the fans pour tremendous amounts of heat on StraightEdge. ColePens slowly gets up to his feet with help of the ropes, and then ColePens turns around and StraightEdge lifts ColePens up on his shoulders! StraightEdge walks to the middle of the ring with ColePens on his shoulder as the fans go insane, and STRAIGHTEDGE PLANTS COLEPENS IN THE MAT WITH THE HAWAIIAN SMASHER! The fans go insane with heat as StraightEdge takes his time and laughs in the crowd as looks back at ColePens while sitting on the mat and looks like he's happy with his work. StraightEdge wipes his hands off like it was nothing and then turns ColePens over on his back and rests his elbow on the chest of ColePens for a cocky pinfall! 1...2...3!

NO! SOMEHOW! SOMEWAY! COLEPENS HAS KICKED OUT! The fans go absolutely insane as StraightEdge looks at ColePens like he's seen a ghost! The fans are in a frenzy as StraightEdge gets up to his feet and YELLS "IT'S OVER!" towards the fans! StraightEdge picks ColePens up to his feet again and LIFTS HIM UP on his shoulders again! StraightEdge is setting up for it again...BUT COLEPENS LANDS ON HIS FEET BEHIND STRAIGHTEDGE! The fans go insane as StraightEdge turns around...AND COLEPENS LIFTS STRAIGHTEDGE UP ON HIS SHOULDERS! The fans go insane as ColePens is setting StraightEdge up for his own finisher! The fans sustain the reaction...BUT STRAIGHTEDGE SLIDES OFF COLEPENS SHOULDERS AND ROLLS HIM UP AS THE FANS BOO! 1...2...3! NO! COLEPENS KICKS OUT! The fans go insane as ColePens and StraightEdge get up to their feet quickly. StraightEdge marches towards ColePens...BUT COLEPENS CRADLES STRAIGHTEDGE! 1...2...3!

NO! STRAIGHTEDGE JUST KICKED OUT! UNBELIEVABE MATCH TO OPEN UP SUNDAY NIGHT SLAUGHTER! The fans boo as ColePens is immediately up to his feet and sizes up StraightEdge. StraightEdge gets to his feet and turns around and COLEPENS KICKS STRAIGHTEDGE IN THE GUT! ColePens grabs StraightEdge in a front facelock and throws StraightEdge's arm around his neck in a suplex position, but ColePens hooks the leg and ColePens CONNECTS WITH WHAT HE CALLS A PURPLE PLEX! The fans go insane as ColePens bridges and the referee goes down to make the fall! 1...2...3! HE'S DONE IT! NEW CHAMPION! COLEPENS IS THE NEW CHAMPION!

Winner and NEW HFWF World Champion: ColePens @ 11:06

The fans go absolutely insane as ColePens gets to his knees and buries his head in his arms and the mat as the referee has the HFWF World Championship and ready to hand it over to ColePens. The fans are going insane as ColePens receives the HFWF World Championship and looks like he's shedding a few tears. ColePens has his arm raised by the referee as he raises the HFWF World Championship in the other hand. The fans are going crazy as ColePens poses on the second turnbuckle with the HFWF World Championship. ColePens gets down and poses in the middle of the ring once again as StraightEdge is shown sitting in the corner with a look of shock, disbelief and sadness all over his face. StraightEdge can't believe it as ColePens holds up the HFWF World Championship and talks trash in StraightEdge's face, as StraightEdge just sits there in shock.

Suddenly, the fans start going insane! ColePens is attacked from behind by CPRICE! The HOMETOWN BOY, CPRICE! The fans are blowing the roof off the place as CPrice lays a beat down to ColePens. CPrice pulls out a lead pipe from his jeans pocket and starts attacking ColePens brutally with it! The fans are still going insane as CPrice NAILS ColePens in the face with the lead pipe! The fans are going insane as CPrice yells something at StraightEdge and then leaves the ring and heads to the back through the crowd! I DON'T BELIEVE WHAT I'VE JUST SEEN! StraightEdge grabs a microphone and looks at the downed ColePens as the referee is checking on him.

StraightEdge: Referee, ring the bell! I'm using my guaranteed rematch clause RIGHT NOW!

The fans boo relentlessly as the referee has no choice but to ring the bell...

HFWF World Heavyweight Championship
ColePens (c) vs. StraightEdge


StraightEdge immediately drops down on top of ColePens and hooks the leg for the cover as the fans go crazy with heat! 1...2...3! STRAIGHTEDGE REGAINS THE HFWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Winner and NEW HFWF World Champion: StraightEdge @ :03

StraightEdge immediately grabs the HFWF World Championship off the mat and holds it in ColePens' face as the fans boo relentlessly. StraightEdge talks trash in ColePens' face and then starts laying it into ColePens some more with closed fists as the fans boo. Suddenly, the fans give a mixed reaction as CRIMSONSKORPION RUNS DOWN TO THE RING! StraightEdge notices just in time and exits the ring with the HFWF World Championship and stands on the outside as CrimsonSkorpion talks trash and then checks on his friend, ColePens. Suddenly, SHEAMUSFAN appears on the titantron to a HUGE pop from the fans!

SheamusFan: Tremendous match. What a way to kick off Sunday Night Slaughter. But make no mistake about it, StraightEdge, you're not done with ColePens yet. You cashed in your rematch clause on a man who just won a 10 minute, hard fought battle and then got his ass kicked by your friend, CPrice. It's not over between you two! In fact, I have an idea in mind for Redemption! A DOUBLE MAIN EVENT AT REDEMPTION! One of the main events will be officially signed tonight between CPrice and CrimsonSkorpion in a Hardcore match! And the other match... StraightEdge, you're going to DEFEND your HFWF World Championship against ColePens... IN A 30 MINUTE IRONMAN MATCH!

The fans go absolutely insane as StraightEdge goes crazy, kicking the steel steps on the outside of the ring in a fit of rage. CrimsonSkorpion continues checking on his friend, ColePens as the cameras fade to commercial.


We come back to a graphic with a Fozzy CD cover as "Sandpaper" plays, the official theme song for REDEMPTION!

We go backstage and we see CrimsonSkorpion outside the medical room with the door closed as he looks to be waiting for someone, constantly looking at his phone and then looking around. Suddenly, he stops, puts the phone in his pocket and smiles as a woman appears and hugs CrimsonSkorpion.

CrimsonSkorpion: I'm glad you could make it.

Woman: Anything for my brother! (laughs) What's up?

CrimsonSkorpion: Obviously, you know what's going on between CPrice and I...and you know how I feel towards that no good son of a *****, right?

CrimsonSkorpion's sister nods.

CrimsonSkorpion: Tonight, there's no way I can go out in that ring...the same ring as him, and sign a contract formally without hurting him. I want to ring his neck...I want to HURT CPRICE. But if I touch him, I lose my job! That's why you're here. I want you to go out in that ring and sign that contract on my behalf to make it official. Can you do that, Cassandra?

CrimsonSkorpion's sister nods again, but stops and looks a bit worried.

Cassandra: What if he does something to me?

CrimsonSkorpion: He won't. Can I rely on you?

Cassandra: OK... I'll do it.

CrimsonSkorpion and his sister hug as the cameras fade to the ring.

"Canadian Aggression" plays and the Canadian Crippler comes out to a mild reaction from the fans. Canadian Aggression sports a Leafs jersey, which gets a bit more of a reaction from the fans, but still mild.

"The Future" hits and Coado walks out to a mild reaction from the fans as well. Coado struts down to the ring with confidence, but a mild look of fear on his face as he slowly enters the ring, but looks like he has something else on his mind.

Coado vs. Canadian Crippler


Immediately as the bell rings, the LIGHTS GO OUT! The fans are all confused and make a lot of noise. A white spotlight the size of the entire ring hits the ring and ICICLES IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! The fans go crazy as Icicles wears a mask covering half his face and looks at Coado first and then the Canadian Crippler! Icicles runs at the Canadian Crippler and NAILS him with a HUGE big boot, causing a DQ!

Winner via disqualification: Canadian Crippler @ :53

The fans go insane as the white spotlight follows Icicles as he exits the ring and pulls Canadian Crippler out with him. Icicles lifts Canadian Crippler up on his shoulder and DRIVES CANADIAN CRIPPER FACE FIRST INTO THE STEEL RING POST! The fans start an "Icicles!" chant as Icicles picks Canadian Cripper up in a piledriver position and ICICLES PLANTS CANADIAN CRIPPLER WITH A PILEDRIVER ON THE FLOOR! The fans are shocked at what they're seeing as Icicles pulls a chain out of his pocket, and those are definitely some deep pockets because the chain is at least 20 feet long as Icicles throws it on the floor and spreads it out. Icicles turns towards the ring and stares a hole through Coado. Icicles turns back to the Canadian Crippler and pulls a glove out of his other pocket. Icicles puts the glove on, which is a dark green glove, one you'd see a maintenance guy wear, and Icicles starts suffocating the Canadian Crippler! The fans are in awe as the Canadian Crippler is quickly losing air and eventually completely passes out. Icicles throws his head down and then puts the glove away. Icicles picks up the chain and starts wrapping it around the ankles of the Canadian Crippler. Icicles starts dragging the body of the Canadian Crippler around the ring effortlessly and then pulls it up the ramp with almost no effort as well. Before Icicles walks behind the curtain, he turns back and stares at Coado in the ring again. Icicles breathes heavily as he stares at Coado while Coado looks scared. Icicles holds up his hand and motions with one finger for Coado to come with him. Coado hesitates at first, but he eventually exits the ring and slowly walks up the ramp and meets Icicles. Coado lowers his head and Icicles grabs him aggressively from the back of the neck and pulls him, as well as the Canadian Crippler to the back.

We go backstage and we see SheamusFan warming up for his match. He's surrounded by a bunch of women workers backstage.

SheamusFan: I'm the boss! And tonight, that big fat p-ssy will learn the HARD WAY THAT I'M THE BOSS!

SheamusFan smiles as he continues trying to impress the women workers as the cameras fade to another area backstage and show Big Fat Cat walking down the halls. BigFatCat vs. SheamusFan in a No Disqualification match...IS NEXT!


We come back backstage and NYGRYK is standing in front of a monitor, getting ready to watch his opponent at Redemption, BigFatCat go against SheamusFan in a No Disqualification match.

Reporter: Hey NYGRYK, can I get a minute?

NYGRYK: What do you want? Don't you see that I'm getting comfortable here, and I'm about to watch Big Fat Cat put his stupidity on display? Do you not see that? Make it quick.

Reporter: Well, Iím sure you heard about the No DQ match later tonight between the HFWF US Champion AND your opponent for said title at Redemption BigFatCat and the GM of HFWF SheamusFan, I just wanted to get you opinion on it.

NYGRYK: I love it. I donít care about the little feud these two have going with hamsters and lawsuits, attempted murder, whatever. What I do know is that SheamusFan, up to this point has let BigFatCat walk all over him since the very beginning. No one else gets away with the **** he got away with, CPrice insults him, SheamusFan puts him in a handicap match at Night to Remember which was eventually changed but thatís besides the point, BigFatCat insults him, he just snaps back with no retribution. I hope they beat the living **** out of each other, make it easier for me to take whatís rightfully mine. Remember, if he doesnít assault me backstage at Night to Remember, I win the HFWF Canadian Championship, you all saw what I did to Jussi last week, heís Sidney Crosby status right now. So I definitely wouldnít mind a few chairshots, kendo stick shots, maybe someone gets put through a table, you never know, **** gets real in a No DQ match. Itíll be a fun watch for sure, Iíll definitely enjoy it.

Reporter: Understood. Now about your Championship match with BigFatCat at Redemption, I was just curious to see what your strategy was in the ring?

NYGRYK: BigFatCat has the size advantage in this bout, but Iím faster than he is, so Iíll have to use my quickness to my advantage, which I definitely will. Now BigFatCat, to his credit is a master opportunist, kind of like the former WWE ďSuperstarĒ Edge, so to combat that I have to be completely focused and Iíll have to always be on my toes, be the opportunist. I have a few surprises that no one knows about, so look for that at Redemption, before I walk out as the new HFWF American Champion.

"Big Cat" hits and BigFatCat walks out to a chorus of boos from the fans, a hated man in Canada for changing the Canadian Championship to the United States Championship. BigFatCat parades around the United States Championship, building up more heat for him as he enters the ring and then pulls out a stick from his jean shorts as he holds it up, ready for battle.

"The Boss" plays and SheamusFan walks out to a huge pop from the fans! SheamusFan smirks as he walks down the ring with a tank top and jogging pants as he climbs up the steps and raises his arms up in the air to the fans, to a big pop from the fans, as the fans at ringside bow down to him. SheamusFan enters the ring and stands in the opposite corner of BigFatCat.

No Disqualification Match
BigFatCat vs. SheamusFan


The fans go crazy at the anticipation of the match as SheamusFan looks a bit worried as BigFatCat slowly approaches SheamusFan closer with his stick. BigFatCat looks maniaclly at SheamusFan as he's just a few feet away and SheamusFan holds his hands like he's pleading with BigFatCat. BigFatCat smirks, but suddenly, the fans pop and SheamusFan smiles! BIGFATCAT GETS CLOTHESLINED FROM BEHIND! The cameras pan out and it's SYN SHADOW! Syn Shadow is in the ring and stands over a fallen Big Fat Cat as the fans are going insane! SheamusFan smirks at Syn Shadow while Syn Shadow stands in the middle of the ring and stares a hole through SheamusFan. SheamusFan's smirk turns into a look of horror as Syn Shadow approaches SheamusFan and corners him, pretty much breathing down SheamusFan's neck. Syn Shadow though, quickly turns around and TAKES BIG FAT CAT'S HEAD OFF WITH A HUGE BIG BOOT! The fans start a "Shadow's Gonna Kill You!" chant as Syn Shadow picks up Big Fat Cat, grabs him by the throat, lifts him up and PLANTS HIM IN THE MAT WITH A THUNDEROUS DEATH-GRIP SLAM! Syn Shadow gets up and stands over Big Fat Cat's body, poses for the crowd and then scoffs at SheamusFan as Syn Shadow leaves and walks up the ramp. As Syn Shadow walks up the ramp, NYGRYK is shown standing on the top of the stage to a mixed reaction. NYGRYK slowly walks down the ramp and comes eye-to-eye with Syn Shadow. Syn Shadow breaths heavily and then barks before leaving. SheamusFan drops to his knees and hooks the leg of Big Fat Cat for the cover! 1...2...3! SheamusFan wins!

Winner: SheamusFan @ 2:06

The fans cheer as SheamusFan gets up to his feet and raises his arms in triumph. SheamusFan walks around the ring in a confident matter as he looks down at Big Fat Cat and tells him "don't **** with me!" SheamusFan leaves the ring as NYGRYK climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. NYGRYK walks to the opposite corner where the United States Championship is resting on the apron and lifts it up and stares at it. After a few moments, NYGRYK notices Big Fat Cat on his feet with his back turned, and when Big Fat Cat finally turns around, NYGRYK NAILS BIG FAT CAT IN THE FACE WITH THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP! The fans pop mildly as NYGRYK holds up the United States Championship and then drops it on the body of Big Fat Cat and exits the ring as replays show of Syn Shadow dominating Big Fat Cat and then NYGRYK hitting Big Fat Cat with the United States Championship.

Suddenly, the cameras cut backstage and there's a brawl in progress! Topshelf and RWO are the two men going at it! Topshelf throws RWO into a garage and then goes to town with hard rights and lefts. RWO fires back by backing Topshelf into the catering table, which collapses under their weight and RWO starts hammering away at Topshelf! Suddenly, security guards and road agents appear on the scene and quickly separate the two! Both men are yelling at each other, when suddenly, SheamusFan appears after coming back from behind the curtain.

SheamusFan: What the hell do you two think you're doing? Taking away my moment! My win! Well you both can go to hell! But you two want to fight so bad, huh? WELL YOU'LL GET TO FIGHT! EXACTLY ONE WEEK FROM TONIGHT, RWO VS. TOPSHELF AT REDEMPTION!

RWO and Topshelf seethe and smirk at the announcement as security guards and other officials hold them back as the cameras fade to commercial.


We come back and we're backstage with OmniSlash and Astraphobia Catalyst, who are about to be interviewed.

Reporter: Astra...

AC: It's Legendary AC to you.

Reporter: Legendary AC in just a few moments, you'll be going one-on-one with Marf, and next week at Redemption, you and OmniSlash are going to go against the tag team champions, iRep and Marf. What are your thoughts?

AC: Well...

OmniSlash takes the mic.

OmniSlash: You want his thoughts? His thoughts are that tonight in just a few moments, he's going to step in between those ropes and whoop Marf's pie-eating ass all over TORONTO! And then, next week, Omni and AC team up and to take on those two pie-eating, Booker T sucka wannabes and we take those tag team titles away from them that they've disgraced for too long! Let's go AC...

Omni walks out of the shot as AC looks on in confusion, laughs and then leaves.

We go to another area backstage as we see a dark room with a spotlight on chains tied around a pipe. Ankles are inside those chains too...the camera pans down...and we see the Canadian Crippler hanging upside down from a chain wrapped around his ankles as he has a bandana wrapped around his mouth. Canadian Crippler is sweating profusely as his eyes are open and he seems to be aware of what's going on. The cameras stay on Canadian Crippler's face, and suddenly, we see Icicles crawling along the floor as he puts his face beside the Canadian Crippler's. Icicles laugh as reaches forward...and suddenly, an old, black whip is revealed as Canadian Crippler's eyes widen and he looks on in horror. Icicles gets up to his feet and stands back as he laughs like a maniac. He then pulls his arm back...AND WHIPS THE HELL OUT OF CANADIAN CRIPPLER! CANADIAN CRIPPLER SCREAMS IN PAIN THROUGH THE BANDANA THE BEST HE CAN AS YOU CAN HEAR THE WHIP SLAPPING ON THE SWEATY BACK OF THE CANADIAN CRIPPLER! CANADIAN CRIPPLER IS PRETTY MUCH CRYING OUT OF THE PAIN AT THIS POINT AS THERE'S NOTHING HE CAN DO BEING HUNG UPSIDE DOWN.

Icicles: You're not a man!

Icicles stops after having whipped the Canadian Crippler's back at least 50 times, and then looks to his side. The camera reveals Coado, who has a look with no emotion on his face. Icicles hands the whip over to Coado and instructs him to whip the Canadian Cripper on his abdomen, chest and face. Coado doesn't look like he wants to do it...


After Icicles says that, Coado thinks...AND THEN STARTS WHIPPING THE HELL OUT OF THE CANADIAN CRIPPLER'S CHEST, ABDOMEN AND FACE! THERE'S WELTS FORMING EVERYWHERE! COADO GOES CRAZY, WHIPPING THE HELL OUT THE CANADIAN CRIPPLER AT LEAST 100 TIMES IN ALL THOSE AREAS! Coado stops as the cameras zoom in on the Canadian Crippler, who's now passed out from the pain. The Canadian Crippler is shown bleeding from his abdomen, chest and his face. When the camera shows the Canadian Crippler's back, it reveals blood from the welts of the whipping as well. Icicles leaves the scene for a few seconds, but returns...and has a knife in hand. Icicles drops to his knees as he places his hand on the gut of the Canadian Crippler. Icicles takes the knife and runs it along the gut of the Canadian Crippler with some pressure and blood starts leaking from what looks to be an 8 inch gash along the gut of the Canadian Crippler. Icicles laughs he puts his hand over the wound and covers his hand in the blood. Icicles wipes the blood on his chest and then instructs Coado to do the same. Coado does it with no hesitation. Icicles gets up to his feet and stares at Coado, who looks down at the Canadian Crippler with an emotionless face, as if Icicles has FULL control over Coado.

"I'm a Pie Man" hits and iMarf walks out to a big pop from the fans. iRep accompanies Marf down to the ring with a big bag, which we know is always filled with boxes of pies. Marf rolls into the ring and raises the tag team title in the air as iRep stands on the outside and takes all the boxes of pies out of the box. There's 6 pies, now out of their box and resting on the apron. Marf gets down and sniffs them all as he licks his lips and gives the fans a thumbs up, to a big reaction from the fans!

"Legendary" hits and AC walks out to a chorus of boos from the fans, as OmniSlash accompanies him. OmniSlash walks in front of AC and taunts the fans and AC just laughs while walking behind him.

Announcer: AC has done and seen it all in this business, and despite Omni's actions tonight, AC, the veteran knows that Omni is the future of this business, but make no mistake about it, they don't call AC "legendary" for no reason. The vet still has it!

Legendary AC (w/OmniSlash) vs. Marf (w/iRep)


Marf immediately runs at AC, but AC side steps Marf and sticks his leg out, making Marf trip and fall face first on the mat. Marf gets up to his feet and holds his chin as he gets angry. AC is on the other side of the ring now and Marf runs at AC, and AC side steps again and trips Marf, but Marf stops himself before his face hits the ground because he was RIGHT ABOVE HIS PIES THIS TIME! AC starts laughing as Marf makes sure all his pies are OK, and even smells them each individually, when iRep yells at Marf to get serious and get focused on the match. Marf and iRep argue for a few seconds, with Marf yelling that he is serious, and then Marf turns around and IMMEDIATELY nails AC in the chin with a right jab. Marf nails AC in the chin with a few more jabs, then winds up and elbow AC in the top of the head! AC drops to the mat and Marf irish whips AC. Marf leapfrogs AC and AC continues to run off the ropes and Marf attempts a crossbody, but AC catches Marf and then drops Marf on his knee! Marf holds his ribs in pain as Omni and AC share a laugh on the outside. Omni tells AC to give him a diving leg drop and then to end the match with the Flash Kick. AC gives the thumbs up and then exits the ring and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. AC measures Marf up and then JUMPS off the top turnbuckle with great height, but MARF MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! AC crashes ass first on the mat hard and AC screams in pain as he holds his upper thigh! Marf gets up to his feet to a big pop and gives the thumbs up. Marf points at the pie and the fans pop as Marf picks up a pie and holds it in his hand. The fans go wild, but OmniSlash jumps up on the apron and takes the pie out of Marf's hand! Marf and Omni start exchanging words and Omni tries to pie Marf in the face, but Marf dodges it and OMNI PIES HIS PARTNER, AC! The fans go wild as Omni is in shock and Marf rolls up AC! 1...2...3! NO! AC kicks out! Marf can't believe it as he crawls towards his pie, but iRep takes all the trays of pie and puts them on the floor! iRep yells at Marf that he needs to get serious and needs to finish the damn match! Marf looks at iRep like he's been betrayed. Marf turns around AND ASTRAPHOBIA CATALYST TAKES MARF'S HEAD OFF WITH A FLASH KICK FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! The fans boo as AC gets on top of Marf and hooks the leg for the cover! 1...2...3! Astraphobia Catalyst pins one half of the HFWF Tag Team Champions!

Winner: Astraphobia Catalyst @ 3:43

The fans boo as Astraphobia Catalyst gets on his knees and wipes the pie off his face (at least, what he can wipe off) before he raises his hands in victory and motions around his waist. Omni jumps into the ring and talks trash to the downed Marf as iRep pulls him out of the ring with a disappointed look on his face. AC goes to hug Omni, but Omni holds on to AC's arms and shakes them, telling him he's wearing an expensive $800 shirt.

Announcer: Only in the HFWF will you see a man get a win with pie all over his face!

We're shown replays off Omni pieing AC and AC giving Marf the Flash Kick to end the match.

We go backstage and we see StraightEdge with the HFWF World Championship on his shoulder, all dressed up and with his bags, heading off to The Revolution's limo. A reporter catches up to him.

Reporter: StraightEdge, StraightEdge, can we please get a word with you about what happened tonight?

StraightEdge: Still your HFWF World Champion.

Reporter: What about the Ironman match at Redemption vs. ColePens?

StraightEdge: I beat him tonight... and I'll beat him again. Now leave.

The reporter looks at StraightEdge, and StraightEdge intimidates the reporter forcing him to leave. StraightEdge continues on to The Revolution's limo.


We come back live and we're shown the announcers.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, what a night it's been and in just a few moments, we're going to get the contract signing between CPrice and now CrimsonSkorpion's sister, Cassandra, signing on behalf of CrimsonSkorpion for the hardcore match at Redemption! And boy, what a show do we have lined up for you next week at Redemption when we're LIVE from MADISON SQUARE GARDEN in New York! Here's what we have lined up for you!

Topshelf vs. RWO

Announcer: This issue started recently when RWO broke onto the scene in HFWF and joined CrimsonSkorpion, ColePens, iRep and Marf in the war against The Revolution. Earlier tonight, these two were brawling uncontrollably backstage, forcing SheamusFan to make a match at Redemption!

Big Fat Cat (c) vs. NYGRYK - HFWF United States Championship

Announcer: It's a war that's waged on for the past few weeks, last week, NYGRYK defeat Jussi to become the number one contender and tonight, NYGRYK sent his message to Big Fat Cat. BFC's reign may be coming to an end!

iRep & Marf (c) vs. Legendary AC & OmniSlash - HFWF Tag Team Championships

Announcer: AC and Omni want some tag team gold, The Revolution wants ALL the power! AC and Omni say Marf's actions are a disgrace to professional wrestling and Omni claims iRep and Marf have disgraced the tag titles for too long! Omni vows that at Redemption, he and AC will walk out new tag team champions!

StraightEdge (c) vs. ColePens - 30 Minute Ironman Match; HFWF World Championship

Announcer: This all came about in a wacky way tonight! Last week, SheamusFan announced these two would go toe-to-toe tonight for the HFWF World Championship. The match opened the show and ColePens actually WON the World Championship, but due to some outside activity, things led to StraightEdge using his rematch clause IMMEDIATELY after the match, and StraightEdge regained the World title within a minute of losing it. SheamusFan announced thereafter that at Redemption, the World title will be on the line in a 30 minute ironman match!

CPrice vs. CrimsonSkorpion - Hardcore Match

Announcer: Simply put, this is as personal as it gets in professional wrestling today. Family matters have been brought in, and in just moments from now, CrimsonSkorpion's sister, Cassandra will be in the ring with that ruthless son of a *****, CPrice to sign the contract to make this one official. CPrice has made this clear, this won't be a wrestling match, it won't even be a fight, this will be a WAR and it will happen at Redemption.

We go backstage and we see CPrice walking down the halls as the "NEXT" banner comes up in the bottom left corner. CPrice stops as he looks at Jussi leaning against the wall. CPrice and Jussi exchange a stare and then CPrice walks off and then stops again dead in his tracks. CPrice slowly turns his head and sees End of Line staring at him with a look of disgust on his face. CPrice and End of Line stare at each other, before CPrice cautiously walks off and continues towards the ring. The contract signing is next!


A promo for Redemption plays.

"Crimson Thunder" hits to a VERY mixed reaction from the fans as CrimsonSkorpion's sister, Cassandra walks out. Cassandra walks down to the ring and enters through the bottom rope as she walks around the table and sits in the chair, as there's an attorney at the head of the table who shakes her hand.

There's a pause and a loud "CPRICE! CPRICE!" chant starts.

"Coming Home" hits and CPrice walks out to a HUGE POP! The roof blows off the arena as CPrice walks down to the ring with a confident look on his face and a swagger to his step as he lips "this is my turf" as he climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. CPrice climbs up to the top turnbuckle and raises both arms in the air with a closed fist, symbolizing The Revolution. CPrice climbs down and sits on the opposite side of the table as he smirks while staring at CrimsonSkorpion's sister.

CrimsonSkorpion's sister, Cassandra, looks visibly uncomfortable as CPrice stares her dead in her eyes as she tries to avoid any eye contact. CPrice suddenly picks up the microphone.


The fans pop as Cassandra immediately shoots her head up and looks at him.

CPrice: You're gonna come out to this ring, MY ring, in front of MY people (big pop) and you're not even gonna look me in my eyes!? You're going to disrespect me like that? You're going to disrespect CPrice like that?

The fans boo as she shakes her head "no" vigorously.

CPrice: It's obvious that little piece of crap that you call a brother isn't man enough to go face to face with CPrice tonight so he sends you out here to sign the contract for him like the pathetic piece of trash he is, right?

Cassandra starts to look a bit sad and a bit angry as she continues staring at CPrice.

CPrice: I suggest you get this over with and you sign that damn contract on behalf of your stupid brother, but let me tell you this now, when you sign that contract, your signing your brother's life away to me.

The fans pop as CPrice puts a devilish smirk on his face and laughs a bit as the fans go crazy, while CrimsonSkorpion's sister looks visibly upset.

CPrice: I hope you and the rest of his family is watching next week because it's the last you're going to see of him. That stupid son of a ***** is gonna get hurt REAL BAD!

The fans pop as Cassandra stares at the contract.

CPrice: This is the most serious I've ever been in my entire life, Cassandra. I'm not just talking everyday "hurt bad" as in a bad back or a bad hip, I'm talking about I'm going to make that son of a ***** bleed like a stuffed pig! I'm going to choke the life out of him and I'm only going to stop when he's destroyed!

The fans pop as CrimsonSkorpion's sister looks to be reconsidering signing on CrimsonSkorpion's behalf.

CPrice: Sign the damn contract.

Cassandra starts shaking her head as if she won't sign it, and lips to CPrice "I can't do it."

CPrice: SIGN IT!

The fans pop as Cassandra gets startled, and out of instinct, picks up the pen and signs on the dotted line! The fans go insane as she drops the pen and has a look of horror on her face as she realizes what she's done. CPrice stares at her from across the table and has a devilish smirk on his face as he puts his feet up on the table, grabs the pen and the contract and rests it on his lap.

CPrice: When you watch next Sunday, Cassandra, I want you to watch and I want you to know that two people are the cause of what's going to happen to your brother. CrimsonSkorpion is one...and you're the other!

The fans pop as Cassandra is upset and CPrice flips the page and signs the contract, and the fans go insane! CPrice drops the contract and pen on the table and rests his arms on the table as he stares at Cassandra with a serious look on his face, as Cassandra avoids eye contact again. Cassandra gets up off the chair and lips to CPrice "there. It's done." Cassandra walks around the table and tries to leave, but CPrice gets up with a microphone in his hand and gets in her way, stopping her in her tracks. The fans pop as Cassandra looks scared now as she looks up at CPrice, who's not joking around anymore and has no more smiles on his face.

CPrice: Where do you think you're going?

The fans pop as Cassandra gets even more scared and is visibly holding back tears.

CPrice: You're going to leave before I can even give you the message I want you to pass off to your brother, CrimsonSkorpion?

CPrice drops the microphone and gets down at Cassandra's level so they're eye to eye... suddenly, CPrice holds his arms out for a hug. Cassandra looks confused as CPrice puts a smile on his face and gives Cassandra the look to comply. Cassandra cautiously hugs CPrice, to a mixed reaction, as CPrice puts his chin on her head and starts laughing. The hug ends and CPrice and Cassandra stare at each other. CPrice slowly gets down to her level again and goes eye-to-eye with her. CPrice whispers something towards her...

AND FROM OUT OF NOWHERE, CPRICE JUMPS UP AND GIVES CRIMSONSKORPION'S SISTER, CASSANDRA AND JUMPING STUNNER! The fans go insane as CPrice jumps up to his feet and looks at CrimsonSkorpion's sister who's motionless on the mat! CPrice gets in her face and screams at her telling her that her brother's life is now in his hands! The fans pop as CPrice gets up and then IMMEDIATELY EXITS THE RING AS CRIMSONSKORPION RUNS INTO THE RING! The fans start a HUGE "CPrice! CPrice!" chant as CPrice backs up the ramp and watches on as CrimsonSkorpion holds on to his sister's hand in the middle of the ring as CrimsonSkorpion is seething in anger as he stares at CPrice backing up the ramp. CrimsonSkorpion is yelling out expletives towards CPrice as CPrice backs up the ramp with a smirk on his face and then starts to laugh a little bit as CrimsonSkorpion looks to be holding back tears himself as he holds his sister's hand in the middle of the ring after she received a jumping stunner.

Announcer: I can't believe CPrice just did that.

CPrice gets up to the top of the stage and then the cameras zoom in on him as he gives CrimsonSkorpion the middle finger as CrimsonSkorpion lips "you're ****ing dead." CPrice continues holding up the middle finger to CrimsonSkoprion as the cameras fade with the cameras on CPrice and the last thing out of the commentator's mouth...

Announcer: Welcome to war. We'll see you next week at Redemption!

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